the astonishing self-titled debut album 
October 25th 
On October 25th  Vambo release their swaggering and powerful self titled debut album, through Goliath Records a new rock label via Universal.
Vambo’s debut album is informed by sharp musical intelligence and finds them at their full creative tilt delivering hard-hitting, retooled rock with a modern twist.
Following successful appearances at both the Download Festival and Isle Of Wight Festival this year, Vambo will be touring their dynamic debut album around the UK to coincide with the release.
The album was produced and mastered by Ray Stiles (MUD/The Hollies) and encapsulates and distills perfectly Vambo’s live energy,
This energetic and diverse album features 11 finely crafted songs full of rock’n’roll attitude and kicks off with ‘Now You See Me’ which sets the tone for the whole album. The album includes the Planet Rock radio playlisted singles: Why Why Why, an explosion of anthemic goodness, juxtaposed with some dark lyrics and World Of Misery which will grip the listener from the very first hearing. Somehow blurring the line between sincerity and audacity. the album bristles with conviction and Running In Circles is a classic rock anthem in waiting.
Every one of these songs is a master class in how to write melodies that pull the heartstrings while refusing to rein in the balls-out instincts. Combined with Pete Lance’s fearsomely virtuosic metallic riffing, the solid pile-driving rhythm section of James Scott (bass) and Steve Price (drums) and Jack Stiles’ versatile and soulful voice ensures that Vambo is a colossal and essential debut.
This brilliant and provocative band has produced a hugely appealing and a simultaneously intricate and infectious debut album that deserves your attention.
Vambo believes and understands rock music can be is an unalloyed pleasure and in their own words “Enjoy our debut album, we’ve put a lot of hard work into it. We’re happy that it represents Vambo at this time. Enjoy it for what it is and not for what it’s not. And like I like to say when i’m up on stage… “If you like it, buy it, if you don’t, don’t”.
Vambo is an enabling vision and unequivocal triumph and sets the stage for what promises to be an even bigger 2020.
Watch now the video for Why Why Why here:
Vambo track listing:
01 Now You See Me.
02 Why Why Why.
03 Cry Woman.
04 We’re Not The Same.
05 Dancing With The Devil.
06 World Of Misery.
07 Down Little Mama.
08 Running In Circles.
09 Camouflage.
10 Vambo Rools.
11 Fast Car.
Cat number: Goliath04CD
Barcode: 5060112377570
Vambo is Jack Stiles (vocals) Pete Lance (guitar) James Scott (bass) and Steve Price (drums)
Album cover:

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