Valiant Hearts sign to Kontrolla Music Group; launch new single “Elevated Being”

September 17th, 2021) Alternative rock project Valiant Hearts have signed to Kontrolla Music Group, for the release of their captivating new single, “Elevated Being”.

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‘”Elevated Being” is an homage to the anime ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ and more specifically the film ‘The End of Evangelion’. This song references those two pieces of media in many ways and also joins back thematically and lyrically to our previous two albums to continue their narrative. The name “Elevated Being” refers to the end of the film where all humanity coalesces into one singular being.’ – Tom Byrne


With members spanning two continents and over 8 million stream on Spotify, Valiant Hearts have engrossed their buoyant, international fan base with an atmospheric and riveting blend of modern rock and progressive hardcore.

Enormous melodies, blistering breakdowns and huge choruses define the Valiant Hearts sound. 2018’s debut album, ‘Wanderlust’ released on We Are Triumphant was followed by breakout independent release ‘Odyssey’ the following year.

Signing to newly formed distribution service, Kontrolla Music Group, Valiant Hearts are back with their first new music of 2021.

Listen to Valiant Hearts brand new single, “Elevated Being”, out now via Kontrolla Music Group.

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Valiant Hearts is:
Tom Byrne – Vocals
Igor Serokvasha – Instrumental

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