Valencia Shares New Single “Weight of The World”


Shares New Single

 “Weight of The World”

Streaming Now on Note To Scene

“Weight of the World” 7” Available Now for Pre-Order

Dancing With A Ghost (10 Year Deluxe Jawn)

Out This Friday, October 23, 2020

Via I Surrender Records


October 22, 2020 – Philadelphia, PA – Alternative rock band Valencia is breaking their silence to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their seminal record Dancing With A Ghost.  The band has shared a new single, “Weight of The World,” premiering now on Note To Scene alongside an exclusive interview. Dancing With A Ghost (10 Year Deluxe Jawn) features this song along with previously unreleased b-sides and demos from the album, which originally debuted at #11 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. The record will be available everywhere digitally via I Surrender Records this Friday, October 23rd.

In addition to Dancing With A Ghost (10 Year Deluxe Jawn), Valencia and I Surrender Records have also launched a limited edition “Weight of The World” 7″ in celebration of the 15th anniversary of This Could Be A Possibility, the band’s debut studio album. The 7” will feature “Weight of The World” as well as an acoustic version of “The Space Between.” It is now available for pre-order in the I Surrender Records webstore:

‘Weight of the World’ is a song that has been floating around for many years in the Valencia camp, but was never fully realized until now,” the band shares. “While looking back at the song we noticed the lyrics are more relevant than ever. The line “At your lowest point you start to see yourself and can begin to grow” really defines the current state we’re living in.

They continue: “The world may seem awful but the opposite way to look at that is how amazing it is that society has seemingly hit rock bottom and can finally see its flaws. At the bottom, we have become painfully aware of the need to grow and evolve and the only way out is up. We need to be better for each other’s sake, let alone ourselves and the weight of the world.

Valencia Is:

Shane Henderson

Brendan Walter

Dan Pawlovich

George Ciukurescu

Trevor Leonard

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Dancing With A Ghost (10 Year Deluxe Jawn)  Tracklisting:

1. Dancing with a Ghost

2. Spinning Out

3. Still Need You Around (Lost Without You)

4. Consider Me Dead

5. Losing Sleep

6. Friday Night

7. Somewhere I Belong

8. Days Go By

9. The Way

10. Stop Searching

11. Weight of the World

12. Airwaves

13. Pieces

14. Wake Up

15. Adrenaline

16. Fight or Flight

17. Dancing with a Ghost (Demo)

18. Spinning Out (Demo)

19. Still Need You Around (Lost Without You) (Demo)

20. Consider Me Dead (Demo)

21. Losing Sleep (Demo)

22. Friday Night (Demo)

23. Somewhere I Belong (Demo)

24. Days Go By (Demo)

25. The Way (Demo)

26. Stop Searching (Demo)

27. Pieces (Demo)

Weight of The World 7” Tracklisting:

Side A: Weight of The World

Side B: The Space Between (Acoustic)

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