Vader // Solitude in Madness // Album Review
Vader // Solitude in Madness // Album Review10
Vader // Solitude in Madness // Album Review10
Vader // Solitude in Madness // Album Review10
Vader // Solitude in Madness // Album Review10
Vader // Solitude in Madness // Album Review10
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Formed back in 1983, Vader’s demo was initially released in 1990 by an independent record label in Warsaw who viewed it as a novelty, how wrong they were. The debut album The Ultimate Incantation was released in 1992 and then the first gigs in the west followed taking the band to 1994 when the EP Sothis was released. There was a wait until 2000 for the album Liturgy, which was the first on Metal Blade and thus started a budding relationship between band and label and Vader have not looked back since and are now on the cusp of releasing their 16th studio album.

So, what have the Polish Death metallers got in store for Solitude in Madness? Cutting a review short, 11 tracks, spanning 30 minutes of comfortably some of the best Death Metal seen this year.

Blasting the doors open with ‘Shock and Awe’ the fast-paced punishing of the drums is met by thick riffs and slicing guitars and topped with a deep gruff voice and it sounds fucking amazing. To say I was excited after just this track was an understatement and just hoped that the rest would live up to the opener. I need not have been concerned as ‘Into Oblivion’ came rumbling into earshot and continued the Old School Death assault on my eardrums and I found myself chanting along with the song title whilst trying to get my feet tapping as swiftly as the drum was getting hammered.

This was soon to be a theme and then ‘Incineration of the Gods’ hit the speakers with its blistering drums and chunky riffs and this just stepped up a few levels so hopefully, the first few tracks have warmed you up and prepared you for this, oh and when you think it’s hot its peak, the solo comes and melts your skull. By the time ‘Bones’ comes along to close the album, you will already be checking that the repeat option is selected, you really don’t want to waste any time before this album starts over again.

Solitude in Madness may b the 16th studio album, but this shows that Vader as important as ever to the Death Metal world and needs to be heard by anyone who has ever had an interest in the genre. This album grabbed me immediately and kept me gripped throughout, getting me excited and keeping me engaged from start to finish, to the point where I happily found myself pre-ordering the album to join my vinyl collection. 

Ed Ford

Solitude in Madness is released on May 1st 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records.



01. Shock And Awe
02. Into Oblivion
03. Despair
04. Incineration Of The Gods

05. Sanctification Denied
06. And Satan Wept
07. Emptiness
08. Final Declaration
09. Dancing In The Slaughterhouse
10. Stigma Of Divinity
11. Bones



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