Vader // De Profundis // Album Review


2020 marked the 25th anniversary of Vaders’s classic and much sought-after 2nd album “De Profundis”.

Now in 2021 the band & Nuclear Blast have teamed up to remaster the album & release it for the first time in decades on vinyl.

I’ve always known of Vader & their legacy, but I’ll be honest I never really gave them a real listen. And having the chance to review the re release of “De Profundis” i feel so stupid for sleeping on such a great band.

Vader has everything a death metal fan could want. Thrash influenced drums, ripping guitars & a vocal style that suits the band perfectly.

They are able to blur the line of stripped down brutality on the flip side and write riffs that are technical & melodic in some form.

“De Profundis” is a benchmark within the death metal sphere.

An album that is 25 years old & stands up today is a feat within its own.

What makes this remaster great is there are no new bells & whistles, the band have just tweaked the already perfect sounding record.

The album also has a great template. 9 tracks & around the 30 minute mark. It doesnt out stay its welcome, become over encumbered & stale.

“Blood Of Kingu”, “Sothis” & “Silent Empire” are flawless tracks.

Cementing the band’s now over 25 year legacy.

The sound of the album is something that is rare in 2021, the drums are flat, but not in a bad way, they cover the tracks in a blanket of richness & deep rhythm that a lot of overproduced drums lack now. The vocals aren’t front and centre, the guitars are for a great thing, you can hear every riff perfectly, every tremolo riff, every bend in the lead sections. But the vocals aren’t lost within this sea of sound, they add such a great layer. They sound unhinged & they are the perfect way to compliment the record.

“De Profundis” has stood the test of time & is one of the landmarks within thrash & death metal. If you are a fan of this album just by the digital release I know the vinyl will sound breathtaking.

I now promise never to sleep on Vader again. This will now be in my collection for a very long time.

De Profundis is out via Nuclear Blast Records on 30th July 2021


1. Silent Empire

2. An Act of Darkness

3. Blood Of Kingu

4. Incarnation

5. Sothis

6. Revolt

7. Of Moon, Blood, Dream And Me

8. Vision And The Voice

9. Reborn In Flames




Vader // De Profundis // Album Review