Vaciø present their debut EP, Et Destituta Mortis, via Morbid Shrine Productions on CD and digital formats.

Vaciø present their debut EP, Et Destituta Mortis, which arrived on June 21st via Morbid Shrine Productions on CD and digital formats.

Emerged in 2019 under the command of A.84 (guitars, bass) and L.77 (vocals, lyrics), Vaciø embody their own vision of black metal. The mysterious duo manifest their path of occultism through misanthropy and esotericism-guided lyrics. Although a newborn entity, Vaciø involve forces having decades of involvement in the spheres of occult and extreme music.

On the debut EP, Et Destituta Mortis, Vaciø did not only turn back the clock, but they also brandished the glorious past with integrity, devotion, mysticism, and pure artistry. The EP features D.M. of Gaerea as the session drummer.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by A.84 in the summer of 2020.
Cover art by Misanthropic Art.

Track Listing:
1. Two Moons (Between Phobos & Deimos)
2. Into the Jaws of Sobek
3. The Knowledge of the Void

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