Uzumaki release ‘Loserella’ / ‘Laughed’ cassettevia Everything Sucks Music

Uzumaki release ‘Loserella’ / ‘Laughed’ cassette

via Everything Sucks Music:

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For fans of the 90s, London-based band Uzumaki have released two new tracks on their ideal format – cassette tape. The previously-released alternate-anthem ‘Loserella’ is backed by new single ‘Laughed’, a nostalgic nugget, in-keeping with the chosen format of its birth. With its grumbling bass line, obscurely placed octave chords and drastic shifts between sections, ‘Laughed’ is a moody, walk-like-a-badass track that requires sunglasses and a cigarette whilst indoors.

“We all look at the past with rose tinted glasses from time to time, comparing our current selves to our past selves with remorse as though we are a different person or as though this historic representation of ourselves is unattainable,” says vocalist and guitarist Alex Cheung when musing on the track. “‘Laughed’ explores a previous time of feeling reckless and problem-less and experiencing the hangover of these good times coming to an end.

The world is constantly changing and our ability to adapt to this is what defines happiness and contentment. Technology develops, the weather is changing, ideas are constantly evolving and without moving along with these, it can feel as though we have changed or regressed, when in fact it’s the world around us which has progressed. ‘Laughed’ looks back at a time when it felt as though we were perfectly aligned with the world around us.”

‘Loserella’ saw the band receive airplay on BBC 6Music and they’ve been running riot (on stage) across London with many more live dates in the works.

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Alex Cheung (guitar, lead vocals)
Nick Allen (guitar, vocals)
Alex Fletcher (drums, vocals)
Conor Thompson (bass)

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