Unprocessed – New Single “Rain” Out Today


Unprocessed have created their very own musical genre with their futuristic hybrid blend of virtuoso alternative metal, darkly atmospheric electronica sections and catchy pop hooks. With their last single “Candyland” the quartet gave fans a first glimpse into their newly-defined soundscape; with “Rain”, Unprocessed now push open the gate to their exciting pop-metal universe a little further. With the release of this highly intimate single, frontman Manuel Gardner Fernandes is also making a very personal statement, publicly expressing his sexuality for the first time.Purchase “Rain” HERE

Unprocessed combine the best of many worlds into one self-contained whole. With their album “Artificial Void”, released in 2019, and singles “Abandoned” and “Fear”, both of which have racked up millions of hits on YouTube, the group formed in 2014 has achieved a stand-out status as one of the most watchable and independent newcomer acts on the European heavy scene. Following more than 20 million total streams of their releases, Unprocessed is now taking the next step.

On their social media channels, singer and guitarist Manuel Gardner Fernandes, David Levy (bass, synthesizer), Christoph Schultz (guitar) and Leon Pfeifer (drums) maintain a special connection with their fanbase, which has by now grown to over 300k Instagram subscribers, and which the band regularly provides with hotly-debated online tutorials. As far back as 2019, Manuel posted the striking riff from “Rain” on platforms including 9Gag, Facebook and YouTube, a video that led to his elevation to high-reaching influencer on the back of millions of views and thousands of enthusiastic comments. During the most recent lockdown, Unprocessed expanded the section into a full song, which is now available in the form of the brand new single.

Packaged in their atmospheric, modern signature sound of metal-inspired pop, with catchy hooks and technically sophisticated instrumental sections, Unprocessed’s tracks deal with the issues that preoccupy their generation. Fears and loneliness, but also tolerance, acceptance and diversity. Just like “Rain”, on which Manuel talks about same-sex love and looks back with haunting words on a personal love story with a male partner. “For me, this song represents not only the launch of my social media career, but also the processing of an intense love story I had with another guy”, Manuel says. “It’s the first time I’ve opened up about this topic. And I hope to contribute a little to encouraging young people to be open and fearless with their sexuality”. An important statement from a group that is soon to be one of the mainstream’s most important spokespeople.

At the moment, Unprocessed are not only working on their next album, planned for early 2022, but have also been confirmed for the festivals Rock am Ring & Rock im Park 2022.

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