Unprocessed drops Instrumental version of album ‘Gold’

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New album ‘Gold’ Out Now via Airforce1 & Spinefarm Records
FFO – Polyphia, Bring Me The Horizon,  Periphery



What’s in a name? Unprocessed as a word defines something raw and untouched. And yet, the connotation is somewhat arbitrary when combined with the band’s innate ability to constantly develop and experiment with a sound that although is entirely derivative of raw and natural skill, is futuristic, progressive and multifaceted in nature.

Creating a new wave of progressive guitar driven music with pop and electronica, the German quartet represents a new evolution of modern progressive metal as shown in their new album, ‘GOLD, out now via Airforce1/Spinefarm Records.

Photo credit – Alexander Bemis

Unprocessed have now released the instrumental version of their album ‘GOLD’, which is out now across all streaming platforms. 


Leon Pfeifer (Drums) says this about releasing the instrumental version 
“Due to high demand we decided to release “Gold” as an instrumental Album. In our writing process the instrumentals always come first and we live in that world for a while before the vocals are added! Unprocessed always strives to be as captivating instrumentally as with vocals.”

In addition to this, the virtuosic Germans have dropped a stunner of a music video for their single ‘Snake’, filmed in Los Angeles on one of their off days on the Polyphia tour.


The band says this about the video for ‘Snake’ 🐍
“Snake is the perfect song to highlight the more experimental side of “Gold”. On our recent US-Tour we had the time to shoot a sick video we decided to do it in LA. The Location really fits the aesthetic we imagined for this song and we are really happy how it turned out! Make sure to check out “Gold”! There is a lot to discover on this Album and we love to hear about our fans preferences!”

Since the release of ‘GOLD’, Unprocessed embarked on a 100% sold out tour of the US for 7 weeks with hot topic POLYPHIA, followed by a Scandinavian tour with Australia’s Plini. The band recently announced they will perform at Radar Festival and ArcTangent in 2022.

Stream/order ‘Gold’ HERE


Unprocessed strive to break down genre boundaries by meshing together pop, rock and metal and are at the forefront of the European heavy music scene. After the breakthrough opus “Artificial Void” released in 2019, singer and guitarist Manuel Gardner Fernandes, David Levy (bass, synthesizer), Christoph Schultz (guitar) and Leon Pfeifer (drums) now open the next chapter in their journey with the brand new album. On the new offering Unprocessed transform their unique sound once again in an ever evolving move by the experimental act.

Having already presented a taste of what’s to come with their millionfold streamed tracks ‘Candyland’‘Rain’ and ‘Portrait’, Unprocessed puts forth a slew of material that continues to engage and captivate fans of progressive and popular music.

With GOLD, the band wanted to merge together both their personal and artistic worlds. After three prog-metal concept albums that were IN CONCRETION, COVENANT and ARTIFICIAL VOID, the core desire was to create something the world has never heard before, something that surprises and excites the band as musicians and as humans on a deeper level.

The band says this about the album

“Both joyful and devastating experiences had their impact on the music and lyrics of GOLD. A lot of influences are displayed in a way in which we believe no one has ever interpreted modern guitar-driven music before. The result of these songs is that the music fully expresses our emotions across various topics and both instrumentally and vocally this is who we are as Unprocessed today.  We hope that these songs have a lasting impact on those who hear it. The lyrics are intended for the listener to find their own demons and strengths within.”

“The album ‘GOLD’ consists of 16 tracks and each of them has their own identity and character. Our new album is what we feel is our most diverse album to date, and we stand behind our creative choices 100%.  Every song is pure UNPROCESSED, and every song is vulnerable in its own way.”


Track list 

1. Rain (Instrumental)

2. Redwine (Instrumental)

3. The Longing (Instrumental)

4. Orange Grove (Instrumental)

5. Mint (Instrumental)

6. Snake (Instrumental)

7. Closer (Instrumental)

8. Velvet (Instrumental)

9. Scorpio (Instrumental)

10. Dinner (Instrumental)

11. The Game (Instrumental)

12. Ocean (Instrumental)

13. Fabulist (Instrumental)

14. Portrait (Instrumental)

15. Berlin (Instrumental)

16. Gold (Instrumental)

Manuel Gardner Fernandes – Vocals & Guitar
David Levy – Bass & Synth
Leon Pfeifer – Drums
Chris Schultz – Guitar





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