UNDEROATH unleash crushing new single ‘Numb’

UNDEROATH unleash crushing new single ‘Numb’

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Underoath have unveiled ‘Numb’the latest single from the band’s upcoming album Voyeurist, out January 14th on Fearless Records. The new song builds on the wave of excitement created by the bands recent ‘Digital Ghost’ livestream concert, which gave fans a taste of the stunning visuals and high octane live performance they can expect from the Voyeurist era of the group.

For ‘Numb’, the band has revisited their legendary ability to write crushingly heavy metalcore that seamlessly blends catchy melodic hooks with caustic instrumental parts. The result is a compelling mixture of aggression and beauty, with a huge chorus that highlights the soaring vocal abilities of singer / drummer Aaron Gillespie. The band continues to experiment with electronic textures and sampling, adding lush layers to the song that pull the listener into an atmospheric soundscape.

Speaking on how ‘Numb’ revisits the classic strengths of the band, guitarist Tim McTague explains, “Numb feels like a classic They’re Only Chasing Safety song done with adult minds and ideas. It’s the only chorus on the whole album that is just Aaron singing, which was a massive part of our DNA as a band in the beginning. It’s rad to hear it come full circle.”

UNDEROATH – ‘Numb’ (Official Visualiser)

Voyeurist marks the first time in Underoath’s storied career that they took the recording process completely into their own hands. The result is the most collaborative album of Underoath’s career and, anchored in a profound respect for each other, one that left no stone unturned creatively. The band refers to Voyeurist as “high-def violence” – technologically advanced, but undeniably visceral. Conceptually, Voyeurist has several interrelated meanings, each tying back to the concepts of how we curate ourselves through social media and how that facade masks a lot of what we actually experience in life. The album is a cohesive listening experience with enough layers to provide fans with a fresh take and new favourite track on every spin. Leading up to the album release, fans have been able to discover clips of new songs in exchange for granting camera access through the band’s immersive website, voyeurist.io.

Underoath is Aaron Gillespie (vocals/drums), Spencer Chamberlain (vocals), Tim McTague (guitar), Christopher Dudley (keyboard/synth), Grant Brandell (bass), and James Smith (guitar).

01 Damn Excuses
02 Hallelujah
03 I’m Pretty Sure I’m Out Of Luck and Have No Friends
04 Cycle (Feat. Ghostemane)
05 Thorn
06 (No Oasis)
07 Take A Breath
08 We’re All Gonna Die
09 Numb
10 Pnuemonia
UNDEROATH – ‘Cycle’ ft. Ghostemane (Live from Digital Ghost)
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