Ukranian blackened, ethnic death-metal band SECTORIAL has released a new playthrough video for their song “Enough Skills?.” The song is found on the band’s 2nd album, W.A.T.R.A., that’s available now from Noizr Productions. The video was recorded with the band’s drummer Igor ‘Reich’ Kovalenko, guitarist Dmytro ‘Trit’ Vashchenko and bassist Boris ‘Karis’ Krivous.
W.A.T.R.A. was released in 2015 via Noizr Productions and was marked as “Best Ukrainian Metal Album” by BUMA. SECTORIAL’s latest album VYR debuted in late 2018 via Noizr Productions.
Also announced today, SECTORIAL and Noizr Productions will release limited wooden boxes and cassette tapes (only 30 each) for their latest album VYR on April 22. Cassettes crafted entirely in United Kingdom, packaging represents special matte paper box with 2-sided print, custom cassettes with a higher quality super ferro tape and 2-side “VYR” pad print. Wooden boxes are hand crafted especially for this release, containing “VYR” logo on top. They contain CD/digipak, cassette tape, new white t-shirt with exclusive artwork “Exodus of the Winter,” 2 patches, hand crafted bullroarer, drum stick trinket and more. Purchase now while supplies last:
VYR (2018, Full Audio Stream):
W.A.T.R.A. info:
SECTORIAL is a metal band from Boyarka, Ukraine, formed in 2000. After several changes of its participants, the final lineup was established in 2010. Current genre can be described as Blackened Death, Ethnic Metal.
SECTORIAL’s debut EP “Cerebrum Necrosis Est It In Nobis” came out in January, 2008. In its support, the band has played 20 shows in different cities of Ukraine. “Cerebrum Necrosis Est It In Nobis” premiere took place at Radio ROKS, as well as at Radio Carcoma (Spain). In September 2008, SECTORIAL took 4th place at The Global Battle of The Bands, Kyiv. With EPs “Boiler” and “Controlled Insane” in 2009, band has played approx. 40 shows in Ukraine and Russia.
The debut full-length album “Erase and Reborn the Humanity” was released in February 2012 via Metal Scrap Records. In support of LP, SECTORIAL went on the joint Ukrainian tour with Crusher, performed at the festival Metal Heads` Mission XIII and went on the two-week tour (Ukraine — Moldova — Russia) with Infest (FR).
In August 2015, SECTORIAL released their second full-length album “We Are the Titan’s Rising Ashes” via Noizr Productions. The record’s exclusive presentation was held on October 17 at the Noizr Fest, Kyiv. On the same day, there was a premiere of the debut music video for the song “Tree Eater”. Later band released pro-live video “Young Shoots”, filmed during performance at the festival.
In December 2015, SECTORIALl won two awards in categories “Best Metal Album” for LP “We Are The Titan’s Rising Ashes” and “Best Metal Video” for the clip “Tree Eater” at The Best Ukrainian Metal Act 2015 contest.
In 2016, the band gave several shows in Ukraine, and also performed at the Kilkim Žaibu festival in Lithuania, sharing the stage with such metal acts as Venom, Nifelheim, Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench, Ereb Altor and others.
Since 2017, SECTORIALhave been working on material for the new third full-length album, which was released on November 9, 2018 via Noizr Productions.
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