Brit thrash metallers HELLDOWN firmly map out their agenda in the shape of their mesmerising sophomore EP, In Deaths Hands, out everywhere on Friday 17th January 2020. Prior to the EP release, the emerging thrash metallers have just revealed a lyric video for the track, Mortal Shell – . With this in mind, we asked the band for their top five tracks:

Judas Priest – All Guns Blazing (Heretic)

Ross was listening to All Guns Blazing in the car when he had a thought. He messaged the band to say to remind him about putting it on in rehearsal as he wanted to incorporate a heavy break down into one of our songs. So, he played All Guns Blazing to the band and we tried many variations in order to make something work in our track called Heretic, this was a must as it one of the heaviest bits of metal to exist.

Arch Enemy – Bloodstained Cross

Matthew came into rehearsal one day and said listen to this, he put on Bloodstained Cross by Arch Enemy. We thought it would be an awesome idea to do a fast sort of intro into a slower heavier riff, which went through many variations until we were happy with the intro of Mortal Shell.

Exodus – Blacklist (Gang Vocals)

The inspiration for using gang vocals on the EP was heavily influenced by many thrash songs, but this song was the deciding factor and thought. “Let’s incorporate some old school thrash gang vocals in”.

Metallica – Creeping Death

Creeping Death was, in fact, a very last-minute inspiration of Bens when we were in the recording studio. We were advancing Flames of Heresy with some new guitar sections where Ben thought it sounded rather Egyptian. So, he decided to change the lyrics to the Egyptian theme, calling to Metallica for some last-minute inspiration.

Slayer – Angel of Death

Probably the deciding factor of the Helldown sound, as this was the first complete song Matthew had learnt on guitar before he wanted to start a band. Which resulted in our first few songs on our self-titled EP to be rather fast and aggressive.

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