So for anyone unfamiliar with yourself, tell us a little bit about your backstory and how you ended up here. 

I’m Ernie, I sing and play guitar and I’m the main songwriter in Bison Face. We’ve all been musicians in the Hertfordshire area for several years, ducking in and out of a range of projects. I was doing a bit of session work and writing a fair bit, sitting on a load of tracks at the beginning of 2019. I decided to try and put it all together and turn it into something. Alex (Guitar) had been in a previous band with me, so I sent him all the demos and we started jamming with them when he moved back up from Brighton. We went through a few line-up switches and started putting together a live set. Those early 7/8 songs all got played around with live, and 6 of them have ended up as the debut single and the subsequent forthcoming EP. Jonny is a notorious powerhouse drummer in the local scene and he became the drummer in June of last year I think. We played 6 or so shows last year and started recording a bunch. We found Arthur in a twist of fate in February/March this year; JUST before lockdown began. It all clicked and it feels like a real coagulated thing now. So, it’s kind of all fallen into place after about a year of teething.

What’s Happening Now: Tell us about what you are currently up to?

At the moment I’m pretty much just holed up writing new material during the lockdown! Our debut single ‘Ladybird’ was released on the 13th March, so we’ve just been riding the wave of that through the isolation period. (You can check that out on Spotify here:

We recorded it with Ben at Forgotten Media Studios and he did a stellar job, then our good friend Tom Sharp made us a killer video for it as well, so we’re very fortunate to have so much local talent about. You can check that out here:

I’m also going to do a few acoustic tracks and covers to tick over while we can’t gig, and maybe stream an isolation gig or something!

What is next for you?

Once the lockdown measures have slackened we’ll get back in the studio and finish recording the EP. We’ve been playing all the songs live, so I can’t wait for people to hear the studio versions! Once that’s all done it’ll just be shows, shows and more shows. I’m trying to get a tour sorted for the tail end of the year when (hopefully) the world gets back to normal, so that’ll be fun. We’ve had enough time now to just work on new music where I feel like the next step is to get it all out; 2021 is going to be a huge year for creatives, I think everyone I know has just been working like mad in this time on new art/music/scripts whatever. 


Influences & Inspiration

Jonny –

This album was always exciting for me because it was out of print for years and you could basically only hear it on terrible YouTube rips or by paying £100+ for a bootleg cd. So it held on to its magic even as Spotify took hold and suddenly almost all music was instantly available. I used to jam on this song endlessly with friends at school and I was addicted to those glorious groove in the verse

Ernie –

Nirvana were the band that kind of blew my mind at age 10/11. I remember having some music documentary taped off of BBC2 or something, and it had a 30 second, really shitty quality snippet of the Reading ’92 show and I watched it again and again in absolute awe. Picked up my first guitar a few weeks after seeing it and hearing that record. Nevermind is still one of the most special albums to me, and ‘Drain You’ is still my favourite Nirvana track.

Alex –

Still one of my all time favourite albums. It combines the riffs and melody of Zeppelin with Jeff’s etheral soulful vocals, which when combined make something truly special. Before this album I was primarily into Rock and metal, but this album opened me up to listening to all types of different music. Every time I listen to it, it still feels like it’s the first time hearing it, there is something hauntingly beautiful about it.

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