UK rock crew DARK STARES are back with a new album, The Lightning Echo,
which arrives everywhere on 31st May. Prior to this, the Brit alt-rockers
have just revealed a new track, You Know Me – .
We exclusively spoke to the band and asked them to give us five tracks that
have massively influenced their sound:

“1. Queens Of The Stone Age – Go With The Flow

This track has a propelling drive throughout, with climaxing choruses and a
brilliantly understated vocal melody weaving in and out of its instrumental
complexities. If you watch it with the brilliantly inverted video, using
moody red, black, and white colours; it amplifies and works hand-in-hand
with the gritty hypnotic atmosphere of this immense rock song.

2. The Cooper Temple Clause – Blind Pilots

This song works toward a pulsing ascent throughout, seemingly lyrically
referencing life’s turbulences and manages this with sombre, brooding verses
which then explode into cathartic and emotive choruses. The video contains a
great performance from Michael Fassbender, slowing turning into some sort of
monstrous hoofed creature, which works well with the transitional nature of
the music.

3. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – What Ever Happened To My Rock And Roll
(Punk Song)

A quintessential rock and roll song with a rebellious punk vibe and
overlapping question-and-answer vocals that build a narrative and somehow
simultaneously deconstruct the meaning of the song. The music video stokes
up these themes by showing policemen struggling in a gig venue on the brink
of an outright riot which definitely works with imagery of this kind thrashy
rock and roll anthem.

4. Manic Street Preachers – Motorcycle Emptiness

The brothers in the band grew up with a lot of Manic Street Preachers
playing in the car, so if any song was to sum up the feeling of enjoying
this great rock band, it would be ‘Motorcycle Emptiness’ and the wistful
atmosphere that the lyrical contains summons up every time single time that
you listen to it. We say them recently in Cardiff on their latest tour also.

5. Led Zeppelin – No Quarter

One of the most contrastingly ethereal and bitingly riff-driven Led Zep
tracks ever. The effect on both the vocals and piano in the verses, the huge
guitar riffs, drops, transitions into solos and breakdowns take you on a
gripping ride throughout the song, and at 7 minutes long it’s quite a

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