Expressing an engaging and powerful sound that is also raw and immersing, BEACHMASTER ( fuse melodious core with a gritty, energetic delivery, resulting in songs that brim with sentiment and conviction. The alternative trio have just released their brand new single, Only If You Know – . We asked the guys for five tracks that have defined their sound:

Colossal – I’ll Look at You When the Dying Starts

CJ (vocals/guitar): This is probably my favourite song ever, off one of my favourite albums of all time. I love the clean guitars super sparkly twinkly sounds. The melancholy trumpet is beautiful – and I’m not usually a huge lover of brass sections. The drums are phenomenal, I’ve never really grasped what the words are about but that doesn’t change my love for this song.

The Falcon – When I Give the Signal, Run!

CJ: When I was learning to play guitar I leaned pretty much every one of these guys’ songs, they’re simple and effective. I love the bass line, I love the whistling and the mix of acoustic and overdriven guitars. There’s a pretty funny line about sheep and I’m not sure I’ve ever heard another song that mentions going to the zoo before.

Hot Water Music – Seein’ Diamonds

CJ: I’ve never gotten sick of this band or this song. This song has a sort of sad urgency to it. The chorus at the end is different in that it plays the notes in reverse and it adds this optimistic spin right before it ends. I could listen to this song on repeat, there’s some great bass and drum fills. The lyrics are sad, I like sad so I guess that’s okay.

Smashing Pumpkins – Hummer

Rob (drums): Jimmy Chamberlin’s drumming is always my biggest reference point. I try to pay the same kind of attention to dynamics, and using my playing to reflect the tone of the songwriting as opposed to just “keeping the beat” – though I probably (definitely) do that much less gracefully.

Iron Maiden – Wasted Years

Martyn (bass): Steve Harris has always been one of my biggest bass-playing influences. In terms of my playing in Beachmaster, ‘Wasted Years’ has been influential for me because of the use of chords on the bass to thicken the sound, and the use of pop hooks and close harmonies in the backing vocals.

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