UK rock artist, Ryan Webb’s new single, DON’T! has taken him to the heavier side of rock compared to his previous work. The wicked guitar riffs are still there, along with the searing vocals – but the sound is far heavier, with an incredibly fresh feel to it.

Apart from the lyrics, bass, drums and mastering, everything else was done by Ryan. He wrote, produced, sang/recorded all vocal parts, played/recorded all guitar parts and mixed the track in his studio.

The track has been mastered by Dave Collins, who was the mastering engineer for Metallica’s last album, Hard Wired to Self-Destruct.

Purchase DON’T! From Ryan’s website:

Ryan has chosen All Call Signs as the beneficiary for any sales from the single. All Call Signs is a UK organisation set up by two veteran soldiers, Dan Arnold and SJ James, in order to help other vets/serving military personnel who may be finding life very difficult. They have also created an app which helps locate those reported missing and in need of urgent support.

The track DON’T! is a plea to anyone contemplating suicide to take a step back and see that they have a lot going on for them in the world. Even when times are really bad, it’s important to talk to those around you.


Ryan Webb, emerging rock artist based in Wiltshire released his album, Stop the World! in 2018 and since then, with his band, has played various festivals, sharing the stage with great musicians, such as Reef.

In the past, Ryan’s sound couldn’t be placed under any one single rock genre, but was really exciting, guitar-driven with belting vocals and incredibly long notes, that would leave you holding your breath (but not for as long as he can!) and wondering how on earth he can still play complicated riffs at the same time!

Ryan Webb is a passionate creator of rock music. He has spent a long time developing the kind of music he wanted to create and having moved from pop/rock through to classic rock, he is now happy with the heavier rock that has brought not just his vocals to the fore, but also his very skilful guitar riffs.


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