UK Rap Rock Crew THE FINAL CLAUSE OF TACITUS Share Inspiration & Influences With Rock ‘N’ Load

Brit rap metallers THE FINAL CLAUSE OF TACITUS ( ) return with their new EP, Asinine Music for the Solemn and Staid, out on Friday 14th May. The rising threesome has also just delivered a brand new single and video, Something’s Gonna Break – . Expressing a sound that takes in a slew of influences, we asked the band for their favourite top tracks:

“RATM – Bomb Track

It’s simple, slow groove draws you into the song such that when Zach’s abrupt lyrics start, providing a tonal counterpoint to the music, it can’t help but fill you full of energy.

RHCP – All Around the World

The bass, the guitar and vocals almost sound like they are playing different songs in the verse, then the chorus brings it all together in sonic harmony. That’s not even mentioning the intro riff and breakdown, which need no explanation as to why they are awesome.

Hed P.E – Renegade

(Hed) P.E are one of the reasons I wanted to play this kind of music. They are fun, catchy, aggressive, and fucking cool all in one awesome package. This track has some killer scream rap vocals!

Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff

Who doesn’t know this song? Say you want about Bizkit, but whenever I hear this song it just makes me happy. It’s a fun song, who gives who is watching kind of song, just go crazy!!

Skunk Anansie – Charlie Big Potato

The atmospheric sounds there’s a lot of details in this track that are easily missed. The groove hits with so much tone and dynamics it’s a track I never get board of.

Tower of Power – What is Hip

Well purely the bass on this track is pure sex the techniques of Francis Rocco Prestia is a dream to listen to. The energy of this band in their studio recordings and live videos those guys know how to throw a party.”

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