UK Metallers RITUALS Talk Influences & Inspiration With Rock ‘N’ Load

Northern newcomers RITUALS ( ) announce themselves with their forthcoming new EP, which is out on Friday 3rd September. The rising metalcore have just released their namesake Awake, as a single – . With all of this in mind, we asked the guys to elaborate on their influences and offer up their top tracks:

While She Sleeps – Brainwashed

This song has such a unique structure yet the sections flow perfectly into each other.  What we love most about this track is the avalanche of riffs that happen throughout, and 2:55 is one of the best metal riffs of all time.  Tough to beat Sleeps when it comes to riffs!

Tom Misch – Falafel

This track has a super relaxed vibe. Fills us with a super motivated feeling and makes us want to just work on music constantly!

August Burns Red – The Frost

Super anthemic atmosphere to the song. Massively major feeling metal song that is so inspirational.

Of Mice & Men – Feels Like Forever

We remember hearing this song in our teens and we just listening to it on repeat.  It reminds us of early Linkin Park, but more riff orientated and guitar-driven.  The track has a great groove and that chorus is as good as it gets!

Northlane – Jinn

Absolute banger straight out the gate. The contrast between the screams and the graceful falsetto lines always give me goosebumps. The nuances and the attention to detail of the variations and syncopations between the drums, guitars and bass are amazing and we love the way song progresses towards the end.

Death – Without Judgement

Hard to pick a song from Symbolic, but this one has always been a favorite. The tempo changes, the contrasting dynamics of the different sections. The heavy sections into that middle breakdown riff, flowing effortlessly into a melodic solo and then the minimal tapping section. We miss you Chuck!”

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