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Invigorated UK heavyweights, TERAKAI, are back with the release of their engulfing new single and lyric video, All That Divides, out this Friday. With all of this in mind, we asked the band for the favourite tracks:

“KSE – Fixation on the Darkness

Wow man this song haha. Going way back to 2002 Alive or Just Breathing was probably the first Metalcore album I ever heard and this was one of the (many) standout tracks. It’s so catchy at the same time as being a real foot stamper and then that chorus hits. Damn. Jesse Leach and Howard Jones are two of my biggest vocal influences both in performance and lyricism so this one had to go in – Joe

Architects – You’ll find safety

Before they were the biggest thing since sliced bread Architects churned out Nightmares and Ruin, 2 very different records but with a similar intensity and insane levels of musicality. The riffs were just packed full of notes and dissonance and exciting to hear to say the least. This early stuff was a huge writing influence especially on our album Paradox in 2014, hero worship maybe?

All That Remains – This Calling

Nostalgia for days! All That Remains are one of those bands that really influenced the foundations of our early sound, this one especially is a great example of what we wanted to emulate when we started out but still has an influence on both Tom’s riffs and our song structures. A perfect blend of beauty and brutality.

Periphery – Scarlet

Funnily enough, Elliot and Dale were big fans of Bulb (Misha Mansoor of Periphery) in the soundclick days. Scarlet was one of the demos on there along with many other songs that eventually got turned into Periphery songs. Misha Mansoor has big one of the (if not biggest) influences on modern metal. His creativity and musicianship is something we have all learnt from.

Lamb of God – Grace

If there’s any metal band out there that can coin ‘groove metal’, its these guys. We draw a huge influence from them as time after time they show that they can still absolutely kill it on every single album. Not only that, but the melodic detail in their riffs is so intricately beautiful. This one in particular was a huge favourite back in the day and was played on repeat on the way to practises and shows.

Sylosis – After Lifeless Years

So much to love about this song, its a masterpiece. Sylosis have gone from strength to strength over the years but this one still hits super hard for us. From Jamie’s vocals to Josh’s shredding and Rob’s insane drumming this one is exhilarating start to finish and must’ve been spun a million times in the van over the years.”

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