UK Metalcore Crew Sunfall Talk Influences & Inspiration With Rock ‘N’ Load

Fast-rising metalcore SUNFALL ( ) has just arrived with a new single, Harakiri, which lands on Friday 12th March. The band have already boldly made a name for themselves in the British heavy underground scene. With that in mind, we asked guitarist Oli to give his favourite top six tracks:

“1. Broken Cross by Architects

This song has had a huge influence on the band, especially our debut EP “Serenity”. It has a beautiful use of ambience and soundscapes that turned a heavy song instrumentally, into something darkly angelic. The ethereal nature of this song transports the listener to cosmic space, we only hope to be able to have the same effect with our more atmospheric tracks.

    1. Eyeless by Slipknot

Eyeless is one of those timeless tracks that solidified a philosophy amongst the nu-metal scene of the late 90’s, that metal is absolutely a genre that can integrate other genres incredibly well. The hip-hop influences on this track are strong and it has influenced our own creative need to explore and dive into any and every genre we enjoy.

      1. Black Mammoth by Fit For An Autopsy

A perfect example of how very heavy music can be written in a hugely beautiful and melodic fashion which we strive to hone in on and perfect. Our vocalist Sam also shares a very similar vocal tone and range to the vocalist on this track, Joe. So, it’s a great point of influence in hearing how that vocal range can be utilised and built to a very strong level. 4. BFG Division by Mick Gordon el=MickGordon It goes without saying when we first heard this track we were absolutely blown away by how disgustingly heavy and dark it is. Mick Gordon, against his songwriting brief combined down-tuned guitars with industrial-like rave synths and the results, speak for themselves. We cover this track live because of how much we enjoy it, and definitely will be exploring such a sound in the future.

        1. Furtive Monologue by Despised Icon

      This track has had a huge influence on our vocalist. The vocal range covered by the two vocalists in this band and song; from highs, mid’s and lows to pig squeals and gutturals are all areas our vocalist wants to be able to perform and perform well. This is also a big reason why you’ll find our music has a wide range of vocal deliveries.

                1. Master of Puppets – Metallica

              What’s not to say about how this song has influenced us. For us, especially our bassist James, this song was one of our early introductions to metal. The ferocity of the riffs played along with its clean melodic passes really made for a profound experience growing to love heavy music. It definitely inspired us growing up to dive further into this world of music!”

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