UK Metalcore Crew Archives Share Exclusive Track By Track Feature Of New Album ‘DECAY’

High-flying Brit metallers ARCHIVES are primed to release their explosive debut album, Decay, this Friday. With a slew of tastemakers now championing the band’s cause, we exclusively asked the band for a track by track breakdown of their new album:

“’Holding on’ is about being stuck in a situation that no longer serves you and you know is breaking you by the day, where you feel imprisoned in that situation whilst also imprisoned in your mind. These are the final words as you leave and ask to be thrown the key to unchain yourself before you drown with it.

‘Blueprints’ is asking the question of whether someone’s characteristics or the path in life they chose to go down is based around nature or nurture. Is a serial killer made over time or born that way? Are we interchangeable? Can we be engineered?

‘Eulogy’ ( ) is an ode to the concept of burning the candle at both ends and living life in a constant state of reckless excess. Whether it be drowning your sorrows due to some recent trauma you’re trying to forget or if it’s a form of self-harm through punishing yourself for your regrets by being in a constant state of substance induced euphoria.

‘Mindfield’ (  explores the concept that your own mind can be your worst enemy and certain thoughts and feelings need to be avoided, almost like a mine field. If you fall victim to these thoughts & feelings it can make you feel that dwelling in those mental places could be the death of you.

Decay is the ramblings of an internal debate about the emotions caused by feeling trapped in a situation or feeling stuck in a rut, and literally feeling like you’re watching yourself decay by not taking positive action and finding solace internally & externally, which you’re constantly reminded of daily to rip that band-aid off.

‘Mapmaker’ is a true tale of the mystery of the disappearance of Colonel Percy Fawcett from the perspective of his own potential thoughts and emotions about love, loss & fear for his life as he went through the Amazon rainforest on his mapmaking expedition that would result in him and his son’s demise.

‘Parmaviolence’ is a fictitious, almost Tarantino-esque tale of a successful fashion designer in 1980s America who has become tired of the fake characteristics of his industry peers and has reached breaking point, to which his only way of finding inner peace is to murder everyone who’s wronged him within his colourful career.

‘Karoshi’ is a perspective on the epidemic that is known as”Karoshi” in Japan, where the pursuit of capitalistic ideals has people working more hours than ever before resulting in many people tragically, quite literally, dropping dead in their office or on their commute without any hint of warning. It is an inquiry as to whether or not their lives are worth it for mere financial gain.

Fountayne Road’ is an internal thought process throughout a wild night of excess, surrounded by people getting high and living for their own pleasures. Somehow, in this darkest environment you find a pure light source and draw parallels from how the substance highs feel, to how high a single human interaction can make you feel. Just as breathless and in a state of euphoria…

‘Unity’ is, in many ways, a plea for equality and for people to stop feeling sorry for the people in war torn countries while simultaneously being negative towards the idea of refugees living within their community, who are only there because they want to feel safe and want the best future for their children, strength through unity & community.”

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