Beans On Toast Debuts “Magic” Music Video

10th Studio LP, ‘A Bird In The Hand’ LP Out Dec. 1st; Produced by Mumford & Sons’ Ben Lovett


British folk/indie singer-songwriter BEANS ON TOAST (aka Jay McAllister) has unveiled a new music video for the song “MAGIC” in advance of his self-released 10th studio LP ‘A Bird In The Hand,’ which– like his previous 9 albums– will be out on December 1st.

Check out the video here:

The clip was directed by longtime friend and collaborator (and father of two) Jem Mitchell, a talented videographer who very much ticked all boxes for the job. Looking to lovingly emulate the golden memories we all share of capturing those classic family portraits together, Beans invited his close friends and relations with young children down to a studio where they could hear the new song and enjoy their time together. The result is a video that is full to the brim with love, life, tears and happiness and fits this wonderful new single like a glove.

All about the miracle of life and the suspenseful, emotional, but totally wonderful journey that delivers it, “MAGIC” puts to song the heart melting account of the arrival of Beans’ firstborn baby.

An earnest and beautiful song that finds the songwriter at his most touchingly vulnerable and relatable, “Magic” will resonate with anyone who has experienced bringing a new child into the world.

Speaking about the tender topic of this track, Beans says:

“I like my songs to tell stories, but also to draw from real life emotion and experience. This song, about the birth of my daughter in January this year has all three in abundance. I wanted to get across the excitement and the nervousness of the by-standing father and the admiration of the female body, but most of all, this is a love song. A song about the unconditional love between a parent and child. I’ve never known anything quite like it.”

Album pre-orders/streams are available at

Watch for Beans On Toast to announce North American tour dates in 2019.

On ‘A Bird In The Hand’, Beans reteams with Mumford & Sons’ Ben Lovett, who produced his first album a decade ago.

Utilizing the hospitality of Lovett (whose band were spending much of their time at London’s legendary Church Studios making their next record), Beans found himself enjoying the same incredible facilities during off days and late nights, to lay down “A Bird In Hand,” along with with the help of in-house engineer, Riley MacIntyre.

Calling in mutual friends, Ben and Beans arranged a team of incredible musicians, including Mumford & Sons’ live drummer Chris Mass and Dutch artist Christof van der Ven on guitar. Ted Dwane offered bass on a couple of tracks, and Ben himself took up piano and production duties to bring a clear, contemporary, and unique vision to the Beans’ songs. The result is arguably Beans on Toast’s finest album to date. The album is diverse, easily switching between folk ballads, punk bangers, and swing numbers without ever losing sight of itself or it’s listener.

A lot has changed in the years since the debut album, in both the world and also in Beans’ personal life, this is reflected in both the sound and the subject matter of this new album.

Over the course of his huge career Beans has become something of a cult national treasure. What seemed like a throwaway festival act has evolved into something much more important, a voice of truth and honesty, cutting through the bullshit. A consistent and reliable modern-day troubadour, not afraid to speak his mind. Always touring, always writing, recording and releasing music. Playing every festival under the sun and always, always, telling it like it is.

When asked if he thought this was a political record Beans said:

“I think everyone already knows where I stand on Trump and Brexit, and if not, they can listen to my last two albums. This album is more personal I guess, focusing on family and the world on my doorstep. That’s where my heads been this last year”

‘A Bird in the Hand’ is a celebration of love, life, family and the world in which we live. It’s about appreciating what we have and in that, it is a triumph.


Beans On Toast will be touring the U.S. in support of ‘A Bird In The Hand’ in 2019.



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