UK Heavyweights RECALL THE REMAINS Talk Influences & Inspiration With Rock ‘N’ Load

UK heavyweights RECALL THE REMAINS are set to climb and are loaded with their debut EP, Dead Dreams, which arrives on Friday 5th March. With a heavy but layered sound, we asked the guys for six tracks that have greatly influence their sound:

“Song 1 (Jacob. Lead vocals): Thy Art Is Murder – Reign Of Darkness.

I remember watching the music video on scuzz and the intro caught my attention, that looming feeling and how it all came together with the vocals made me love extreme vocals and music.

Song 2 (Jordan. Bass and vocals): Evanescence- Whisper.

This song really stabs the heart of human emotions, it carries a heavy message that can be personally applied to the listener because of the lyrical subjectivity. Backed up by forwards mixed slamming guitars and a heavy riff, there’s even some choral and symphonic elements which really increase the tension and put a great amount of weight behind the vocals and chorus. For me this song sums up all my aspirations for our own music; you don’t listen to it, you feel it…

Song 3 (Elliot. Guitar): The Sound Of Glaciers Moving – Corelia.

This song / EP changed how I looked at songwriting completely. The guitar playing is incredible and taught me the different ways to approach notes & melody (slides, graces etc)

It also made me appreciate different time signatures / rhythms (I love weird time signatures now and listening to new songs, trying to figure out how to count them)

One of our old songs ‘Irrigation’ -RIP- was directly influenced from this song.

Song 4 (Anthony. Drums): All That Remains – This Calling.

In terms of influencing me as a songwriter I would say This Calling by All That Remains has definitely had an impact on me. I love fast as f**k double kick drumming and there’s plenty in this track. The song is so fun to play to and it’s definitely a track that has helped me so much in developing my double kick drumming. The breakdowns are heavy as f**k as well so that definitely helps.

Song 5 (Zach. Guitar): For The Fallen Dreams – Brothers In Arms.

I can 100% tell you that the sad chords in the first verse directly inspired me to write a song using those chords because I thought they were super cool, complicated chords in 2011 (they’re not). 17 year old me also really connected with the song and I still love it.

Song 6 (All of us): East 17 – Stay Another Day.

It’s the best song ever. Period. We’re joking, it’s the most boring and dreary song ever, and whoever decided it was a Christmas song needs to be institutionalised. It encourages us to always make sure our songs are interesting and fun to listen to so we don’t subject listeners to the same monotonous fate when they check us out.”

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