UK Guitarist And Songwriter – JUSTIN LARNER – Breaks Down His Influences & Inspiration With Rock ‘N’ Load

UK guitarist and songwriter, JUSTIN LARNER is set to unleash his powerful new album, Hot and Dangerous, out via all stores on Friday 2nd April. Prior to this, Larner will drop a new single, Find Your Way Home, on Friday 5th February. The absorbing track also features the vocal talents of Jane Gould. With this in mind, we asked Justin to lay down his top six tracks:

Metallica – Fuel

I was Literally obsessed with Metallica around the time I started playing guitar. This was the first song I heard from them when one of my friends used to play it repeatedly. I loved it and ended up learning how to play pretty much the entire Metallica back catalogue (up to Reload)

Joe Satriani – Ice 9

I loved guitar solos and thought they were the coolest thing. One day my dad was playing a Joe Satriani album and I thought “this solo is going on for ages”. I didn’t know anything about this type of music and became a massive fan and learned how to play many Satch songs and his style in general is a big influence


Dokken – It’s not Love

George Lynch is another one of my top guys. The first 4 Dokken albums are immense and I learned most of them so his playing definitely rubbed off into mine. He proved you can do “glam” metal in a darker/cooler way with good technique which I appreciate.


Motley Crue – Too Young to Fall in love

Similar to Dokken, even though I’m not really into the glam image I love the sound of the darker side of Mick Mars playing. I used to be In a Motley Crue tribute called Notley Crue so I learned a lot of songs and this is my favourite one to play.


Journey – Separate Ways

I’m a massive fan of melodic rock. This song epitomises the perfect blend of melody and hard rock. Even though Journey are massive I don’t think Neal Schon gets enough credit as a player because he rips so hard and with some much style it blows me away.


Megadeth – Wake up dead

I never chose a side with Megadeth/Metallica. I loved it all. This song though is a thrash metal masterpiece. Song structure is thrown out the window completely and yet it flows beautifully. I used to play as much of the “rude awakening” DVD as I could on guitar so Dave’s playing has been ingrained into my own along with everyone else mentioned here.

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