UK Duo Homecamp Releases Mini-Album “Did We Return As Something Else” – Out Now

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UK Duo Homecamp (Feat. Adam Binder of Dearist) Releases Mini-Album “Did We Return As Something Else” Out Now

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Homecamp is the side project of UK musician Adam Binder, frontman of indie/emo band Dearist (Spartan Records), and his friend, bassist Will Jones. The duo’s debut mini-album “Did We Return As Something Else” was mastered by Bob Cooper (Cult Dreams, Citizen, Self Defense Family) and is out today on Wiretap Records.

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Homecamp is the brainchild of Adam Binder, the UK singer/songwriter and frontman of indie/emo band Dearest. While spending his musical career in bands routed in the emo sub genres, Binder has always had a secret love affair with music from a more ambient approach.

Homecamp is the exploration of ambiance and atmosphere without the loss of emotion or a sing-along melody; The idea of creating a landscape for each song to inhabit. Hailing from the midlands city of Wolverhampton, Adam writes, records, and produces everything you hear in his home studio, enlisting friends along the way to assist in the writing and performance. The studio providing an escape from the surrounding industrial towns in silence and solitude.

Talking about the project’s inception, Adam says, “It felt cheesy to release music under my own name and feel like under a ‘band name’, there is room for friends on recordings and live–People to come and go as they feel. I came up with the name after finding a book, of the same name, about the outdoors, on a trip to Belgium. I thought it summed up the sound really well”.

Homecamp’s newest full-time member Will Jones was recently enlisted to pick up the bass duties. Working together Adam and Will have now put together the final touches to the band’s first body of work, mini album, ‘Did We Return As Something Else,’ due for release November 13th through Wiretap Records.

Will is a multi-instrumentalist that is able to transfer easily between indie pop and hardcore punk projects. The final piece of the puzzle, UK recording guru Bob Cooper (Cult Dreams, Citizen, Self Defense Family) was enlisted to master the new record giving the songs new beef and clarity. “Did We Return As Something Else” delivers an eclectic mix of somber and elevation, jumping from stripped-back piano performances to standing on the edge of indie rock.

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