THE SURVIVAL CODE will follow up on the release of last year’s hugely successful sophomore album, Hopelessness Of People, with the release of a brand new EP, Crosses To Carry, Coffins To Fill, out on Friday 16th August, through Good Deeds Music. We asked the alt-rockers for five tracks that have massively shaped and influenced their sound:

1.Coheed and Cambria – These guys have always been a huge inspiration ever since we started writing songs with their huge melodies, amazing guitar work and complex song writing… There is so much to keep an eye on with this band! Their catalogue goes back some way now, their newest release “The Unheavenly Creatures” has a track “It Walks Among Us” which we can’t get enough of! It has this brilliant lock-in between the bass pedal and beat throughout the bridge and chorus! We love to have the rhythm section in unison like this and had a slower and more basic version on our last release with our track “Not working”

Coheed and Cambria – It Walks Among Us

2.Lamb Of God – Arguably a little heavy for our sound and genre, but you won’t find bigger fans than LOG! From the intricate double pedalling which showed you didn’t just need to go as fast as you can for as long as you can, to the riffs that tingle your spine with relentless onslaught, to the words and syllables, using words as machine guns with precision intimation… Lamb Of God have been one of those bands that changed our lives! It is inescapable that their riffs and song structures helped us formulate our formula and find that balance between rock with an edge that we had been searching for

Lamb Of God – 512

3.System Of A Down – They have their’ respective solo projects, but for us, the gents never sounded better than they did as a quartet! Everything about their energy and songwriting have us in awe of them! We have tried since we were able to emulate aspects of their style and Serj has been an inspiration from a front man point of view. The frantic riffs are probably the most notable thing we borrowed from SOAD :), the way Daron has often just used one string to create a melody that is active but helps cement the movement and passion of most songs

System Of a Down – BYOB

4.Smashing Pumpkins – In our mind’s eye we credit Nirvana for our early influences but the first album we owned was “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness”. There is no question elements of The Smashing Pumpkins are still in our sound to this day! Songs like “Tonight, Tonight” have been our anthem since we were both single digits… We have tried to capture the emotion many of these songs encompass along with trying to keep things simple, especially from a drum perspective! Jimmy Chamberlin so often picks the perfect groove and uses nuances to shift it and change it as the song progresses. Have to go for an old hero of ours – Zero

The Smashing Pumpkins – Zero

5.Avenged Sevenfold – These guys grabbed our attention from the minute they showed up on the scene. The musicianship and performances we saw were out of this world! We definitely try to emulate aspects of the live show and guitar work they use! They are idols of our time in a rock sense, truly huge sounding, heavy rocking with all the right parts in the best places. Trying to take from their song structuring too, but very few bands can get away with multiple songs 8 mins+ 🙂

Avenged Sevenfold – The Stage

THE SURVIVAL CODE play: July 11th – Heroes – Worcester; August 15th – Big Red – London (EP LAUNCH); October 23rd – Bunkhouse – Swansea; 24th – Fuel – Cardiff; 25th – Slaughtered Lamb – London; 26th – The Hope & Ruin – Brighton; 28th – The Tin At The Coal Vaults; 29th Chameleon – Nottingham; 30th – Castle Hotel – Manchester; 31st – Outpost – Liverpool; November 2nd – Old England – Bristol; 3rd – Suburbia – Southampton.

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