UK Alt-Rockers // Glass Waves // Talk Exclusively About Their Influences With Rock ‘N’ Load

Brit-rock newcomers GLASS WAVES have released their explosive new single, Do It Again. The rising g quintet have also dropped a visualiser to coincide with this stunning track – . With this in mind, we asked the band to name their favourite top six tracks:

“Nothing But Thieves – I’m Not Made By Design

Could have chosen any Nothing But Thieves song, as the band has had a massive influence on our sound, from Conor Mason’s incredible vocals, to their amazing songwriting ability. Went for this track because of the huge middle 8, with the big drum sound and percussive guitar riffs.

Queens Of The Stone Age – Go With The Flow

Another band with a big influence on us is Queens Of The Stone Age. Gone for ‘Go with the flow’, because of the constant drive the song has and the sound of the guitars. The driving style is becoming a theme in most of our songs.

Don Broco – T Shirt Song

Chosen this song purely for the chorus. Huge sound, with anthemic elements and big catchy vocals. We constantly find ourselves writing songs with these elements involved.

Foo Fighters – The Pretender

The pretender by the Foo Fighters is another example of the type of songs that influence us. Dave Grohls driving vocals paired with Taylor Hawkins powerful rhythmic drumming, mixed with a great variety of soft and hard guitars make for a classic combination.

Linkin Park – One More Light

Something a little different to the other songs in this list. We’ve chosen this track because of its simplicity. A beautiful combination of passion, melody, and a minimalistic approach. It’s important as a band to have variety, and not be afraid to show vulnerability in the music.

Bring Me The Horizon – Sugar Honey Ice And Tea

Although we wouldn’t put ourselves in the same genre bracket as Bring me the horizon, their music still has a big influence on us. In this track in particular the effected vocals, guitar riffs and synth parts are what makes it a track that gives us inspiration.

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