Týr - Hel - Album Review
Týr - Hel - Album Review8
Týr - Hel - Album Review8
Týr - Hel - Album Review8
Týr - Hel - Album Review8
Týr - Hel - Album Review8
8Overall Score
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Rulers of Faroese Metal, Týr are back to continue their conquest with the eighth full length release, oozing with melodies and full of power.

Having released their first five albums in the short space of seven years, the six year gap between Valkyrja and Hel has not gone to waste. The band have done some touring, supporting Children Of Bodom and playing the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise, but also and more importantly, looking after themselves. After such a gruelling number of years it was important for the band to look after themselves, to allow them to make more music.

Two of the tracks are sung in the bands native tongue, both being traditional ballads, with the remaining being in what the band describe as “the language of Metal” that being English and focussing on the realm of death from Norse mythology – Hel, we have a rough concept around the album.

The 13 songs span some 70 minutes and weave us through some very impressive Power and Melodic Metal, jam packed with uplifting chorus’ to sing along to as you raise your fists to sky to pump passionately in the air. The guitars just soar as the intricacies and technicality seep down your ear canal and whisk you away on a journey.

The vocals are powerful, and like a rough diamond, have an edge but also provide a glorious account of the subject matter, whilst the drums crash and pound in the background proving the full audible experience.

The tracks range from just over 4 minutes to just shy of 7 ½ minutes, allowing for a full expression of passion and an in-depth investigation of the underworld of death go. The longer tracks such as ‘Gates Of Hel’ are impressive and detailed accounts from the mythology with music to match. The songs constructions are very well put together as at no point do any of the tracks feel like they are dragging you just get immersed into the world of Týr, which is a great place to be.

This is everything that a Power Metal album should be, full of catchy riffs and opportunities to sing along to, whilst balanced perfectly with huge melodies leaving you feel completely empowered whilst the edgy aspects add a huge dose of grit, leaving you ready to take on the world.


Ed Ford


Hel is released March 8th via Metal Blade Records.

Track List

  1. Gates of Hel
    2. All Heroes Fall
    3. Ragnars Kvæði
    4. Garmr
    5. Sunset Shore
    6. Downhill Drunk
    7. Empire of the North
    8. Far from the Worries of the World
    9. King of Time
    10. Fire and Flame
    11. Against the Gods
    12. Songs of War
    13. Alvur Kongur




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