This story could start in the early eighties/late seventies, but to be fair that’s for the biography, lets bring it up to date a bit and start from Friday the 28th of October 2016.


14925632_10154682021697302_7143275051974823591_nNWOBHM pioneers The Tygers Of Pan Tang have a new album to promote in 2016 and a UK Tour to accompany it. I caught up with them at the excellent Rock & Blues club in Barnsley, after a few line up changes over the years the current line up of Craig Ellis on drums, Gav Gray on bass, Jacopo Meille on Vocals has been in situ with main Tyger Robb Weir for a good few years now, with Micky14856150_10154682017702302_8488124813420206980_o McCrystal joining on guitar in 2013. There is a good camaraderie within the band that I witnessed 1st hand, It all looks to be a great fit and the live and recorded dynamic is powering along nicely.

Along with photographing the gig tonight, I was looking forward to hearing the new tracks live as I am absolutely loving the new album, and wondering what mix of old and new would get an airing tonight. Well I wasn’t left disappointed as plenty from their vast back catalogue was showcased here with a good few of the new album tracks mixed in, classics like ‘Hellbound” ‘Euthanasia’ ‘Raised On Rock’ are all getting an airing 14581372_10154682013802302_6535288235178230808_ntonight in the 16 song set, and the pretty packed room are lapping it up, the   thumping ‘Devil You Know’ was a particular track I was hoping to hear and it did not disappoint, it sounded even better live, I nearly dropped my camera head banging to that one :) Only the Brave the lead single from the self titled new album also went down a storm and is becoming a firm fan favourite already, ‘Glad Rags’ with its big chant of a chorus is going to be the crowd sing back anthem for years to come.

I mentioned the dynamic of the band earlier, and live the experience and class of Robb, Craig, Jacopo and Gav mixed with the 14853189_10154682025637302_334183812864568535_oenthusiasm and rock star poses of the excellent Micky make it all.. well just fit. Don’t get me wrong I’m not implying that the experienced lads are any less enthusiastic or for that matter Micky hasn’t put in his road miles, Micky has firmly earned his Tyger stripes. I had to shout at them to stand the hell still a few times to get a decent shot (not that they heard me or rightly took any notice) they were all on the move prowling that stage for the full hour or so of the set.  See what I did there? Prowling, Stripes, now I’m thinking where the hell can I get the word claws in :)

With the classic ‘Love Potion No 9′ closing the encore, a great sweaty night of classic metal was had by all. The Tygers are still very much around, get your claws into the new album (yes.. claws) it has all the classic 80,s 14939403_10154682021577302_4306657709839722417_oelements you expect, but with a modern up to date sound that firmly stands up well today, easily in my top 5 albums this year, coincidentally it entered the UK rock charts at no 24 on the night, totally well deserved for a current hard working touring band! I noticed Pink Floyd‘s Dark Side Of The Moon and Metallica‘s Black Album are still in there charting, that’s crazy, who hasn’t already got those? That’s another story though for a different day,  my point here is buy/download new music, even the new stuff from classic bands, believe me they are still banging out some belters :)


Words by –

Darren Thompson


Tygers Of Pan Tang are –

Robb Weir – Guitars

Jacopo Meille – Vocals

Gav Gray – Bass

Craig Ellis – Drums

Micky McCrystal – Guitars


Set List:

  1. Euthanasia
  2. Love Don’t Stay
  3. Gangland
  4. Do It Good
  5. Blackjack
  6. Only The Brave
  7. Glad Rags
  8. Never Give In
  9. Don’t Stop By
  10. Take It
  11. Keeping Me Alive
  12. Devil You Know
  13. Suzie Smiled
  14. Hellbound
  15. Raised On Rock
  16. Love Potion #

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