TWISTED ILLUSION ‘Imitate Me: Part 1’ Video – Out Now (Prog Rock)

Pulling from a comprehensive and expansive array of influences spanning from Queen, Toto and Dio to Rush, TWISTED ILLUSION have an unrestrained sound that impulsively draws you in. The band will re-release their newly recorded debut album, Temple of Artifice, on Friday 28th May. The enticing prog rockers have revealed their next single, Imitate Me: Part 1, out now. Check out the video, here –
To recap on TWISTED ILLUSION, the band were originally formed in 2014 by frontman Matt Jones. The Manchester-based rock crew let loose a hugely captivating sound created around appealing guitar lines, lively drums, measured structures, and impressive vocals, TWISTED ILLUSION’s output and standard of musicianship are of the highest order. To date, the band have managed to independently develop a diehard fan base within the UK and into Europe and the USA. They have sold thousands of albums directly to fans, across five continents and to over twenty countries—all without a label.
During the next twelve months, TWISTED ILLUSION will release four studio albums. This is the result of three years of intense work. First up, they are set to release, Temple of Artifice, to mark the album’s anniversary. After the release of Temple of Artifice, the band will drop The Excite the Light Trilogy, which are three albums distilling the essence and all aspects of the band’s incredible sound. From huge prog-rock epics to short three-minute radio-friendly slices of pop-rock, TWISTED ILLUSION are here to take over your world.
Tracklisting: 1 – Imitate Me: Part 1; 2 – Freedom to Fail; 3 – Hatred Is A Virtue; 4 – Apocalypse … #lol; 5 – Online and In Line; 6 – A Moment of Lucidity; 7 – Imitate Me: Part 2.
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