Trivium // What The Dead Men Say // Album Review

Having first seen Trivium live at Rock City, Nottingham in 2005(but nearly missing it as someone decided to get run over outside the venue) I was hooked and have followed the band since. Some of the latest offerings have seen the music change slightly at times and when I was told that What The Dead Men Say was available for review I jumped at the chance, in the hope that I would be hooked once again.

The band that formed in 1999 in Orlando, Florida released its debut album Ember to Inferno in 2003, which was followed by Ascendency in 2005 and then swiftly followed by The Crusade in 2006. After a few years Shogun was released and then In Waves hit the shelves in 2011. Continuing the short waiting times between albums, Vengeance Falls was released in 2013 and then Silence In The Snow in 2015 and finally The Sin and the Sentence in 2017.

Pressing play a little apprehensively for the first listen, we are met by a guitar intro on ‘IX’ before the electric hits and the drums open the proper sound, followed by a choppy riff and then the bass begins to pull everything and a little Technical solo takes over. So far this is drawing me in perfectly and then as ‘What The Dead Men Say’ opens we have a warning alarm and then things really set off. 

In proper Trivium form the drums attack and set the tone, along with the bass and then everything is built on top. This is aggressive Trivium, mixed with a melodic chorus, with a mixture of clean and aggressive vocal, this certainly gets my juices flowing.

‘Catastrophist’ is a musically an aggressive sound, however slightly more anthemic before ‘Amongst The Shadows And The Stones’ really attacks as the double kick drum really sets the tone and the skins are properly tested as the bass slaps and the guitars sound like they are on full force assault.

After four tracks I feel like an excited 20 something-year-old again and my mind and the further through the album we get the more I regress to that person who pushed to the front at Rock City to sing and scream along with every track. Every song feels like Trivium is on track to take the top spot on festivals worldwide, with huge choruses and heavy riffs, aggressive drums and a thick bass tone, What The Dead Men Say has everything and genuinely gets better and better with every listen.

Ed Ford


What The Dead Men Say is released Friday 24th April 2020 via Roadrunner Records.


Track List

  1. IX
  2. What the Dead Men Say
  3. Catastrophist
  4. Amongst The Shadows And The Stones
  5. Bleed Into Me
  6. The Defiant
  7. Sickness Unto You
  8. Scattering The Ashes
  9. Bending The Arc To Fear
  10. The Ones We Leave Behind





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