Tristwood release their fourth black industrial masterpiece “Blackcrowned Majesty” in May 2020

Austrian noise avantgardists Tristwood will release their album “Blackcrowned Majesty” in May 2020, the long-awaited successor to their 2010 blackened post-industrial metal masterpiece “Dystopia et Disturbia”.
In 2019 the band had already released a compilation of three EPs under the title “Nyx”, which was initially made available mainly to the inner circle of the Tristwood fanbase.
“Blackcrowned Majesty” will feature eight brutal hymns that take Tristwood back to their roots and to the true lightning-fast black industrial metal that this band is known for:
1. First Re-Enthronement of the Damned.
2. He Who Traversed a Greater Oblivion
3. A Blackcrowned Majesty
4. Her Wraiths Through Stygonian Lands
5. The Hall of Rauthra’s Fate
6. Acherontic Death Cult
7. Bone Cathedral
8. Nightshade Eternal

Bone Cathedral, a homage to the pure clarity of true extreme metal art, can be heard here in advance:
The album will be available exclusively through the following distribution networks:
[email protected]

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