This is it! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Melbourne’s much loved metal warriors Triple Kill unleash their debut album ‘Age Of Rebellion’ today! After the hype surrounding their two single releases over the last few weeks it’s time to wrap your ears around the rest of the album with a total of 9 tracks to indulge in! If you loved The Alchemist and Fear The Old Blood then you are bound to love the rest.

Triple Kill’s guitarist, Anthony Commane asked the rest of the band how they all felt about the new album, this was their response:

“Horny, Thick, Moist”… and “You know that gut feeling when you’re on the edge of a diving board, you’re nervous and about to throw up, but then you finally jump? It’s the feeling once you get out of the pool and realize you wanna go again”.

Commane added:

“Which sums it up very well for all of us. We’re in the water now, our first album is pretty much out. We enjoyed the hell out of this experience and we’re super happy with ourselves for making the jump. Go listen to what our bathing suit clad temples of flesh have developed. When we’re ready to climb out of the pool, we’re getting right back on that horny, thick and moist diving board and diving in for round two. We just hope people who have seen us make this jump, get it stuck in their heads and hopefully fall in love with the work that we fell in love with. Doing this makes us happy. Very Happy.”

To listen to ‘Age Of Rebellion’ click HERE.

‘Age Of Rebellion’ Track listing:
1. Event Horizon
2. Age of Rebellion
3. Lords of Cinder
4. Decay
5. Fear the Old Blood
6. Forward Unto Hell
7. Rán
8. The Alchemist
9. Tears of a Burning Messiah

Melbourne’s Heavy Metal stallions, Triple Kill are known for their incredibly witty and humorous film clips and promotional videos. They’ll make you laugh one minute then have you in awe of their amazing talent and brilliant music the next. They might have a great sense of humor and love to get their fan’s laughing, but they also take their music and the band very seriously. Triple Kill are lifelong best friends with Rodney Goolagong on vocals, Anthony Commane and Daniel Mackie on guitars, Efun White on bass and Connor O’Keane on drums. The band first formed back in 2015 and from the very beginning they have been committed and passionate about the band and their music. After releasing their debut EP ‘The First Kill’ in July 2017, they are now extremely excited to release their debut album ‘Age Of Rebellion’.
Triple Kill’s album ‘Age Of Rebellion’ is available to purchase now! Click HERE to order.
The album launch gig is Saturday October 13th, click HERE to get your tickets and for more details. 

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