Sometimes life just ebbs and flows so smoothly that we are left with a feeling of renewed faith in the way the universe works. Although having a long term band member leave a band is often an emotional moment, on this occasion it was a smooth transition with no hard feelings and a move in a positive direction for all involved. After 7 years with the band, being there from the very beginning, vocalist Tim Leopold made the decision to move on from the band to commit more time to work and family. Only a few days later Trigger came upon an announcement that vocalist Nathan Peachey was leaving his band, Teramaze. The timing was perfect and the guys wasted no time in approaching Peachey about joining the band.

Peachey speaks about joining the fold:

“Trigger approached me which I thought was really awesome. Just sort of saying hey are you interested in being a part of Trigger? … I had a listen to some songs and I was like this sounds pretty dope! a bit heavier than what I am used too with my previous band, Teramaze…So the guys and I hung out and had a couple of beers and chatted about what they wanted to do … I feel like I am a part of the family which is really great…It was a smooth transition. I felt really accepted, you always think there is sort of this angst between the changeover but there really wasn’t, it was really cool to get to meet Tim and get to know him a bit. It was just a couple of guys doing what they love to do and one just stepping aside because he is ready to do other things and more than happy to help out getting me on board and we both just love the band and love the music and that was it…”

Founding member and guitarist Luke Ashley comments about the transition:

“It has been a whirlwind process; it was only a matter of hours between the public announcement of Nathan’s departure from Teramaze and us approaching Nath… It was a great process between the departure of Tim Leopold and Nathan coming in; it was a real handing over of the torch. We were in rehearsals together, the six of us for a good month. Every week, doing karaoke and getting to know each other and the relationship everyone has in the band. There was no animosity; it was a really clean process.”


Trigger are one of Melbourne’s finest melodic metal bands, with Luke Ashley and Sean Solley on guitars, Matt Ambrose on bass, Darcy Mulchay on drums with Peachey on vocals. Trigger started out with just Ashley and Solley back in 2011 just throwing some riffs around and writing some songs. The rest of the band soon joined and after gigging hard and building a name for themselves in the local Melbourne metal scene, they started recording with Monolith Studios. The “Machina” EP was released in 2014. This was followed by their album “Cryogensis” in 2017, released through HellFire Records. The band has continued to gig hard and are pumped to play more gigs soon with new vocalist Peachey on board.

Trigger’s next two gigs are coming up soon! Catch them at Metal United Down Under 2018 – Wagga on September 22nd and supporting Triple Kill for their Age Of Rebellion” Album Launch on October 13th.

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