Tribe Of Pazuzu - Heretical Uprising - EP Review
Tribe Of Pazuzu - Heretical Uprising - EP Review8
Tribe Of Pazuzu - Heretical Uprising - EP Review8
Tribe Of Pazuzu - Heretical Uprising - EP Review8
Tribe Of Pazuzu - Heretical Uprising - EP Review8
Tribe Of Pazuzu - Heretical Uprising - EP Review8
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Boasting an impressive line-up, this new project has the Death Metal sound of the early 90s firmly in its sights and is aiming to fill the void left by many bands adopting the New Old School sound.

Made up by some serious players in the Death, Brutal Death and Extreme Metal genres, Tribe Of Pazuzu comprises of Flo Mournier from Cryptopsy on the drums, John McEntee from Incantation on guitar along with Randy Harris – ex Macifecation and Nick Saglas of Soulstorm and previously of Otherthrow and Pestilence taking up Bass and Vocal duty. That’s not all however as this EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Crytopsy guitarist Christian Donaldson at The Grind studio in Montreal.

The EP opens with the title track, and immediately the high calibre drumming and wailing guitars greet the ears and the album gets off to an immediate, swift pace and is met by a gravelly vocal that guides us through the narration of the depths that the band are wishing to dredge up. The guitars are chopping and changing as we weave around the track, prior to a screeching solo and the sound of a forgotten era of Death Metal.

‘Divinity Destroyed’ is the second track on this punishing EP, which kicks in immediately with a chunky hook and some serious drum work in the background, prior to a beat change and the guitars wail again as they take the lead and something sinister sounds over the pummelling beat and then we settle back to the hook and evil vocal.

‘Indoctrinated Into Enslavement’ is a short sharp show of power and aggression as this 90 second slab of evil batters the eardrums prior to ‘ Poisonous Faiths’ continuing with rapid fire beats, sadistic guitar licks, a deep and dark backing and the vocal of nightmares.

‘Proliferation Of The Final Plague’ closes the EP and as we now expect, the beats are outrageous swift and precise and the guitars are not to be messed with as they provide not only the evil backdrop but also the scything solos and the evil narration of the subject matter.

This EP lasts approximately 15 minutes and is non stop, high quality Death Metal. The production allows for all aspects to be heard and appreciated individually along with the overall sound. Hopefully this is the start of something for the band members as I for one would be sure to hear more from them.

Ed Ford

Heretical Uprising is released February 8th 2019 independently.


  1. Heretical Uprising
    2. Divinity Destroyed
    3. Indoctrinated Into Enslavement
    4. Blind Disciples Of Poisonous Faiths
    5. The Proliferation Of The Final Plague


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