Tribazik proudly announce the release of their new video ‘Absence of Proof’.
The epic ‘Absence of Proof’ is an analysis of societies and cultures, driven by greed and power, locked into blind religious belief systems. ‘Absence of Proof’ is taken from the immense ‘Data Warfare’ album, a record that perfectly captures Tribazik’s innate power. Their high-energy alternative take on thrash and dance music with psychedelic landscape passages, breakbeat and electro influenced sections makes Data Warfare an intricate unique beast in the current climate.


Produced by Filmmaker Luis Solarat, the ‘Absence of Proof’ video was shot at a derelict abbey on the Kent coast. The 4 elements, represented by the characters in the video, are in turn enlightened and magnetized by the Sun, a primal source of all life and consciousness. While ‘blind faith’ religions are dispersed throughout as a reminder of global spiritual brainwashing.
Tribazik are in the process of writing their 3rd album (to be released in 2018) and have been playing out new tracks at this summer’s festivals. The band have been collating riffs, sounds & ideas that will make up a variety of material – some pivoting on their newly-acquired synths and latest cutting-edge plug-ins & sound design fx that the band have been building into their sound and studio ste-up in Old St, London. These high-energy EDM/Metal-infused tunes will be sure to get crowds jumping at festivals, free parties and raves. On the flip side, some of the new tracks will focus on some of the more progressive elements of Data Warfare and combine melodic guitars, both Jerry and Syan on Vocals and layers of atmospheric synths and percussion.

Download: You can get a double download of both ‘Absence of Proof’ and ‘Sonar Sumeria’ for just .99p at Tribazik’s bandcamp here:

Buy: Data Warfare:

TRIBAZIK: The sound of the universe in collapse, the fractal postcards from the psychedelic zoo, beats like thousand winged panzers thor-ing down on razor shards of white heat guitars & lyrics that reveal deep mystic truths.’
Youth (Killing Joke)

‘This is the sort of music that spawns a scene’

‘An undiscovered gem’ 
Metal Hammer 

No other band on earth sounds like Tribazik’ 

Strangely compelling’
Classic Rock 

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