Traumatomy // Extirpation Paradigms // Album Review


Over the past few years, the brutal death metal sound has been torn up & stitched back together with all kinds of different sounds. One that has come to the forefront is slamming death metal. With a sea of bands in this underground subgenre, it’s very hard to stand out.

Luckily Traumatomy is a band that is head & shoulders above the tide. And personally has been one of the favourites for the last few years.

After a six-year wait for “Monolith Of Absolute Suffering,” the band’s last album has a lot to live up to. Being my favourite slam album of 2016 & elevating the band to becoming a watch out band within the scene.

“Extirpation Paradigms” is worth that wait. Within the album, Traumatomy has been able to build upon their already great sound with even more brutality, sickness & great musicianship all around.

Featuring 9 tracks of no-nonsense slamming death metal, with small glimpses of a technical side that gives a few surprises throughout the album, “Extirpation Paradigms” is straight-up what I personally love about the slam genre. Very simple but heavy riffs that are that good they can base a whole song around that structure.

Whereas some death metal fans find the slamming death metal genre formulaic which I agree many bands are, Traumatomy knows how to keep it simple but at the same time being able to write a whole album in this style without it becoming a big blur of breakdowns & repetitive guttural vocals.

Opening up the album with a short intro track that from the get-go shows you the band aren’t here to play it safe. “Feeding Organism” has it all, Haruka Kamiyama & Kirill Zarubins fantastic guttural vocals that don’t crack once on the album. Constantine Chevardins precise guitar tracks match & blend well with Boris Kosovs bass tone making a heavy guitar section & to finish it off Alexey Belovs animal-like drum performance. Technically unhinged but so satisfying to listen to.

One of the bonus to not only a great album is the guest vocals on the last track “Epitome Of Depravity” from Josh Welshman (Defeated Sanity). A brilliant back & forth from all vocalists on the record. The best track on the album for sure.

If you’re looking for a hefty slab of slam I couldn’t think of a better way to spend thirty minutes! Just hope the guys don’t leave it another six years!

Joseph Mitchell

Extirpation Paradigms is out via Gore House Productions on 7th MAY 2021


1 – Intro

2 – Feeding Organism

3 – Inducing Intragenic Deformity

4 – Ruinous Metamorphosis

5 – Extirpation Paradigms

6 – Patterns Of Tyranny

7 – Filled With Abhorrence

8 – Instinctive Defilement

9 – Epitome Of Depravity

Haruka Kamiyama – Vocals

Kirill Zarubin – Vocals

Boris Kosov – Bass

Constantine Chevardin – Guitar

Alexey Belov – Drums

Traumatomy // Extirpation Paradigms // Album Review
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