Trade Wind - Certain Freedoms - Album Review
Trade Wind - Certain Freedoms - Album Review 9
Trade Wind - Certain Freedoms - Album Review 9
Trade Wind - Certain Freedoms - Album Review 9
Trade Wind - Certain Freedoms - Album Review 9
Trade Wind - Certain Freedoms - Album Review 9
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Trade Wind return with their sophomore album Certain Freedoms to follow up on their 2014 debut EP, Suffer Just To Believe and the band’s first LP, You Make Everything Disappear, which followed in 2016.

Immediately you know this band, this album, is something a little special. The clean guitar sounds on ‘Surrender’ over the haunting bass and melodic harmonising vocals introduce the album with an element of class. Subtle piano work adds to the emotive and evocative vocal performance that leaves you gasping for more. At only 2 minutes 23 seconds your introduction is so short and sweet you cant help but have a second bite.

‘No King But Me’ offers you that and more, as the guitar once again pulls you in the drum beat drops and you know there’s another side to this classy outfit. A punchy and beautifully delivered rhythm pop’s out at you along with a bitching chorus, that swells into a crescendo, haunting vocals and disjointed rhythms are the name of the game to intrigue and pull you in deeper and deeper as each track progresses. The guys mix it up as you caress your way across this delicate recording, each song multi layered and easy on the ear, this album just envelops you from start to finish.

A breath of fresh air in many respects, a thoughtful and poised recording which has brought out the best of these guys in a concentrated effort to create something special in a very focused way.

Certain Freedoms is an absolute must if you need that breath of fresh air, a break from the routine, check it out. Step out of your comfort zone and into the Trade Wind.

Certain Freedoms is out now via End Hits Records.


The guys have two UK Dates coming up:

MAY 06: Manchester, UK @ Night People
MAY 07: London, UK @ New Cross Inn




No King But Me

Close Encounters (Of The 3rd Floor)

I Can’t Believe You’re Gone

Certain Freedoms


How’s Your Head?


Flower Machine

Untitled II




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