Toxic Holocaust // Primal Future: 2019 // Album Review
Toxic Holocaust // Primal Future: 2019 // Album Review8
Toxic Holocaust // Primal Future: 2019 // Album Review8
Toxic Holocaust // Primal Future: 2019 // Album Review8
Toxic Holocaust // Primal Future: 2019 // Album Review8
Toxic Holocaust // Primal Future: 2019 // Album Review8
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The story of Toxic Holocaust begins in 1999 when Joel Grind began the journey of creating music that was hard to pigeon hole, full of energy and guaranteed to get the headbanging.

Having toured with the likes of Danzig, Gwar, Satyricon and Discharge and releasing a number of albums, Eps and split records Toxic Holocaust are regularly mentioned in the same ilk at Suicidal Tendencies, Municipal Waste and Trash Talk, and now the on Primal Future: 2019 Grind plays each instrument as he takes Toxic Holocaust back to its origins.

Opening with ‘Chemical Warlords’ the high intensity, high energy Thrash begins with slick riffs as the choppy guitars slices away in the background and the drums create the thump that carried the beat. The vocal is gravely, one that you may be more used to hearing the likes of on a Black Metal track as is the production, music difficult to pigeon hole!

The solos are perfectly executed and integrated, as this incredible mind casts his musical spell across this perfect opener and sets the seed for what is to come.

The albums title track marks the halfway point and if you haven’t paused for a drink of water yet, il be impressed as the pace kicks and picks up everything in its path like a whirlwind. ‘Toxic Holocaust’ hooks you immediately with its chunky guitar and rifftastic sounds that get you going like a nodding dog.

By the time ‘Cybernetic War’ hits the speakers, the neck begins to feel its age however this has been so much fun you don’t want it to end as it whisks you away to back into this sound of Old School Thrash which crosses over into differing genres, making this an album for all. The pace is quick, the music is certain to grab you and get you moving, probably before you even realize the effect that it’s having.

Primal Future: 2019 is a great album that will get you moving, driving too quickly or headbanging around the living room with a huge smile on your face. The Blackened tinges add a great dark covering to the offering that adds an extra something different to this quality release. Here’s to another 20 years of Toxic Holocaust.

Ed Ford

Primal Future:2019 is released on October 4th via Entertainment One.

Track List

  1. Chemical Warlords
  2. Black Out The Code
  3. New World Beyond
  4. Deafened By The Roar
  5. Time’s Edge
  6. Primal Future
  7. Iron Cage
  8. Controlled by Fear
  9. Aftermath
  10. Cybernetic War


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