TOURISTS – Release tranquil album title-track ‘Another State’ | Debut album out 20th November via Modern Sky UK




‘Stunning… Endless layers of dreamy, melodic bliss” – BBC Introducing

‘The Torquay-based five-piece have a knack for dreamy beach pop with a sinister edge, Cut and Run merging a patchwork style with giant, sky-reaching guitar lines and arty intentions’ – DIY Magazine

As TOURISTS prepare to release their eagerly awaited debut album this Winter, today, they release it’s title-track: “Another State”.

Tranquil and cerebral, sensory and transient, “Another State” immerses the listener into a beautiful daydream. A space to be lost-in for a time, though never completely; like even the most lucid of dreams, its blissfulness dissipates into the ether almost as soon as it materialises.

Speaking about the track, Tourists say:

“It’s about drifting off to another state of mind, the highs and lows, paranoia it can lead to in a relationship for example. But ultimately the importance it has for your wellbeing to experience it and disconnect with the world for brief blissful moments.” 

Subtle by delivery, yet ornate in design, it’s a track that captures the state of dream with inception-like detail.

Recorded by Tourists and James Bragg in their Torquay studio, in their definitive surf-tinted shoegaze style “Another State” sees the band grow layer-upon-layer of oscillating synthesisers and reverberating arpeggios with majestic end results.

Pairing “Another State” with hazy visuals that home-in on the secluded idyll of their coastal surroundings, the official video finds Tourists opening a rare window into the alternative reality where they escape to create their music.

“With the video, we wanted to give people a glimpse into our world down here in Torquay….Living here has played a big part in who we have become as people but also as a band. We have always felt like we’re in our own bubble here, cut-off from everyone else, like we’re doing our own thing musically, which has contributed hugely to our sound and our individuality which I feel is everything. So this video was our little nod to Torquay.” 

“Another State” is one of ten darkly compelling songs that will feature on their eponymously titled debut album. Exploring the shadowy recesses of the human mind and existence, ‘Another State’ will draw on themes of control, manipulation and escapism, with an overriding message that all is not what it seems on the surface. Coalescing their influences of dreampop, shoegaze, Krautrock, post-punk and synthpop, Tourists create brooding, multi-faceted soundscapes. Often melodic, sometimes knife-edged, but always enveloping Tourists will reveal all this Winter.

‘Another State’ was mixed by production maestro Daniel Schlett (The War On Drugs, Diiv) at his Strange Weather studios in Brooklyn. It was further mastered by Simon Heyworth and Bill Sellar of Super Audio Mastering.

‘Another State’ will be available on 20th November 2020 via the Modern Sky UK label. It is available to pre-order on white vinyl now here:


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