Toronto’s Talk Show Host Releasing Debut Album ‘Mid-Century Modern’ This Friday

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Toronto’s Talk Show Host Releasing Debut Album ‘Mid-Century Modern’ On June 4

Vinyl Pre-Orders Now Available

Produced By John Dinsmore (PUP, Single Mothers)

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“Musically, “Crisis Actors” is a darker song compared to the bright, power-poppy “Blood In The Sand.” It’s a moody, minor-key punk song with hints of Bad Religion, Samiam, Jawbreaker, and other classic ’90s-ish punk.”- Brooklynvegan

“Talk Show Host might be from Toronto, but their music is as summer- and surf-ready as any California pop band’s. “Blood in the Sand” (is) a powerpop gem.”- The Alternative

“…catchy, anthemic punk…”- Brooklynvegan


Toronto punks Talk Show Host will release their debut LP ‘Mid-Century Modern’, this Friday June 4th on Wiretap Records/Disconnect Disconnect Records. On the new LP, the band declares its love for ‘90s punk, larger than life guitars, catchy pop melodies and indie rock detours. This is the sound of a band that has taught themselves all the tricks in the power-pop playbook and left notes in the margins.

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Album Art

‘Mid-Century Modern’ Track Listing:

1. U Asshole!

2. Blood in the Sand

3. Crisis Actors

4. Warmest Condolences

5. Sorry, My Mistake

6. Syntax Error OK

7. Up to No Good

8. Too Many Problems

9. The Ballad of Jack Nance

10. Lame Duck

Talk Show Host have spent their life building to this moment. Since 2015, the Toronto trio have been steadily releasing hit after hit, starting with 2016’s Disunion Tour EP and culminating in 2017’s ‘Not Here To Make Friends’ EP (recorded by John Dinsmore). With over 100 shows under their belt locally and in sojourns overseas in places like France, Belgium, Italy and Germany, as well as opening slots for bands like Planes Mistaken For Stars and Pet Symmetry, Talk Show Host are ready for their moment.

Their spotlight has arrived with ‘Mid-Century Modern’, the band’s first full length record. Over 10 songs, the band, consisting of Chris Veinot (guitar & vocals), Fabien Rivenet (bass & pastry) and Sean Woolven (drums & backup vocals), takes us through a cavalcade of pop-punk hits. Lead single “Blood In The Sand” is the sort of anthemic sing-along masterpiece that will find you with fists in the air singing along by the chorus, “Crisis Actors” is the three-piece channeling their inner Anti-Flag while “Warmest Condolences” finds the band exploring new sonic playgrounds, deftly shifting to a more indie-rock laden arena. This is the sound of a band that has taught themselves all the tricks in the power-pop playbook and left notes in the margins.

Working once again with producer John Dinsmore (PUP, Single Mothers) in his studio the Lincoln County Social Club, the band worked tirelessly to see their vision fulfilled. On ‘Mid-Century Modern’, bear witness to the crystallization of punk rock perfection, honed and refined in the DIY trenches and masterfully polished by superlative skill and striking songwriting.

‘Mid-Century Modern’ will be released June 4th on Wiretap Records in North America, and Disconnect/Disconnect in the UK and Europe.


Talk Show Host is:

Chris Veinot – guitar & lead vocals

Sean Woolven – drums & vocals

Fabien Rivenet – bass & French accents


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