One of Toronto’s favourite ambient progressive metal / rock duo JUPITER HOLLOW have released a new music video for their 16 minute opus “Null Without Praise” featured on their new album “AHDOMN”.

The video can be viewed at the following links:
SkullnBones –
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YouTube –

“AHDOMN” is the continuation of JUPITER HOLLOW‘s highly praised debut EP “Odyssey” and features two new epic songs, “Mandating Our Existence” and “Null Without Praise”, each over 10 minutes to join previously released tracks “Ascending”, “Hades Heart”, “Deep In Space” and “Over 50 Years” to complete as one progressive adventure.

In addition to the release of “ADOHMN”JUPITER HOLLOW want fans to really understand the world that inspires them with the launch of “The Odyssey Experience”, an all free encounter for fans to sign up to at where they have unlimited access on a day to day adventure to the behind the scenes concepts and stories plus songwriting along with getting the entire “Odyssey” EP for free.

“When joining the Odyssey Experience, we will be giving you our entire Odyssey EP for free, day by day, in every format you might need from ultra high wav, to mp3, soundcloud stream you name it, with never before access to the concept of each song, the making of each song, in studio recording, us setting up for the music videos…. Everything we have on our hard drives that we have relating to the songs and what went into them, we want you to have over 5 days. We’ll want your feedback on everything we’ve done so we can keep improving for the next time.” says JH’s Grant MacKenzie. “And even if you don’t take this offer, we just want to say that there’s no pressure and thanks so much for listening up until this point, even if you don’t come with us we want to say that you’re the reason we’re able to continue doing this. So thanks again for watching, you can sign up to the Odyssey Experience below and we can’t wait to see how this whole thing turns out.”

Watch – Join the Odyssey Experience!

Sign up at  

What is The Odyssey Experience?

The Journey
If you’re a music lover, albums have always been a journey. You may remember digesting your first progressive rock/metal album growing up – how these albums wove their way around every friendship, every breakup, every fight, every grade in school.

The Odyssey Experience enhances the journey of the classic album by taking you through the concept of the album, elevating the discussion between artist and listener.

The Quality
Are you tired of being herded around from iTunes to Spotify to Bandcamp? Do you have 8 different logins just to listen to the artists you like? Do you wish that artists would stop making things so scrambled and just let you listen YOUR way?

The Odyssey Experience will be delivered to you day by day through direct download and free stream. You can get these songs in 3 different formats including ultra-high quality WAV. Own it or stream it without logging in!

The Extras
5 songs, 5 videos, and 12 months of hard work and dedication by only 2 guys.

That’s what went into this EP. We thought it would be a shame to let that all go to waste. On the Odyssey Experience, you’ll have access to behind-the-scenes content, detailed explanations, bonus tracks, and limited VIP experiences that can’t be found anywhere else!

Track Listing:
1. Ascending (2:46)
2. Hades Heart (4:31)
3. Deep In Space (5:05)
4. Over 50 Years (5:00)
5. Mandating Our Existence (10:29)
6. Null Without Praise (16:32)

Album Length: 44:26

Grant MacKenzie (guitar, bass, synth)
Kenny Parry (vocals, drums, synth/keys)

Show Dates:
May 19 – Owls Club – Toronto, ON – (Album Release Show) info

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