Toronto outfit High have debuted their new EP. ‘The Okay EP’ is out now.

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Punchy riffs and indelibly catchy hooks adorn High’s new collection, a marriage of alternative rock, reggae and punk.

Vocalist Richard Howard spoke exclusively to V13, to discuss the story behind the sophomore record.

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Combining a melting pot of influences, from across reggae, alternative rock, punk and beyond, High is the uplifting band that we all need this summer.

The worldly combination of a Trinidadian, a Frenchman and two Canadians initially came together in 2016. The quartet brings with them a plethora of experience from their previous bands, including sets alongside some of the big hitters in alternative rock on multiple installments of the Vans’ Warped Tour.

Debut EP, 2017’s ‘The Alright’ put the Toronto based 4 on the map, with the buoyant and eclectic vibes with which High would quickly become associated.

Latest single “Too Hot” shows the Ontario outfit at their vibrant best; fusing reggae and punk with undertones of the 00’s alternative rock scene, with an intricate and melodic delivery.

‘The Okay EP’ is out now.

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High is:

Richard Howard – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Spencer Bailey – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Benjamin Challet – Bass
Dave Schattmann – Drums/Vocals

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