Torena // Evil Eyez // EP Review


California hardcore newcomers Torena are here to follow up their 2021 release “Cerebellum Prison” with “Evil Eyez” EP

Five groove-heavy hardcore tracks produced and mixed by Taylor Young (Mindforce, Age of Apocalypse) & mastered by Nick Townsend (Drain, Militarie Gun).

The opening track “Bleed” is drenched in metallic hardcore swagger. With whiplash-inducing breakdowns & thick raw production, this EP feels nostalgic in all the best ways. But where it might feel old school Torena keeps the songwriting inventive & interesting bringing it to a modern audience perfectly. Fury Of Five breakdown elements with vocalist & guitarist Julien Urias agony filled vocals make this a stonker of an opening track.

The second track “Stand Your Ground” opens with drummer David Stalsworth’s military-style snare rhythm building the track to a great peak before Dante Denoms’s guitar kicks in & introduces the groove-heavy guitar riff.

Featuring an All Out Wat style breakdown which is perfect for those pit warriors out there.

Picking up the pace “I’m Still Here” brings the hardcore style of Cro-Mags with the thrash of classic Sepultura, A short track at only one & a half minutes but it’s lean, very mean and packs a punch to the throat.

The closing track “Trigger” brings back the bouncing groove. Urias’s vocal performance is at its highest here. A clear & precise flow over chugging & fast sections makes this track stand out.

“Evil Eyez” might only be a five-track EP but it packs a punch. A perfect blend of classic metallic hardcore with a ton of 90’s groove metal. Fantastic songwriting from a solid tight band in conjunction with Taylor Young’s always fantastic production and mixing gives the EP a raw & total breath of fresh air! “Evil Eyez” is a must-listen!

Review: Joseph Mitchell

Evil Eyez EP is out via DAZE Records on March 14th, 2023

Evil Eyes EP Tracklisting:



Stand Your Ground(Explicit)



I’m Still Here(Explicit)



Slave No More(Explicit)





Torena is Julien Urias (Guitar/Vocals), Mika Ryan (Bass), Dante Denoms (Guitar), and David Stalsworth (Drums).
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