Tool - Fear Inoculum - Album Review
Tool - Fear Inoculum - Album Review 10
Tool - Fear Inoculum - Album Review 10
Tool - Fear Inoculum - Album Review 10
Tool - Fear Inoculum - Album Review 10
Tool - Fear Inoculum - Album Review 10
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Tool have dropped their first album in thirteen years and many will ask, was it worth the wait? The album follows years of legal disputes and a few tumbles from band members, who delayed such a recording, but without doubt, the time has been well spent laying down the foundation for yet another majestic recording. A multi-layered, multi-faceted recording that challenges the senses, the mind and what you understand as to how a song should be constructed.

Right from the off with the opening self-titled track you are fully immersed in a wave of wonderment from the band that just engages with you on another level completely, you are constantly wondering where is this album going to take me next, and in jaw-dropping fashion it pulls you from pillar to post leaving you exhausted trying to keep up! But that’s all good, as with a band like Tool you appreciate the complexity and intricate nature of the recording. The mesmerizing tangents that Fear Inoculum will take you on it’s like a sonic rollercoaster which leaves you begging for more.

Some may not get it right away, it could be a grower, it could be like a migraine. But if you are gagging for something more than the usual bullshit that floods the airwaves, Tool is the answer, like a fine wine this band has aged well. Following up from their majestic 10,000 Days for those who have waited with bated breath, your time has arrived and it has been well worth the wait.

Fear Inoculum is a stunning collection of tracks that only one band could deliver. Each and every band member was on point, thrusting out this beauty into the ether and like a bomb going off in the distance all await how it will be received.



Fear Inoculum


Litanie contre la Peur


Legion Inoculant


Culling Voices

Chocolate Chip Trip

7empest [Explicit]



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