Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall releases her second single asthe independent solo artist HEVENSHE

Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall releases her second single as
the independent solo artist HEVENSHE
Watch/Listen to ‘Trying Not To Feel’ – HERE

HEVENSHE (press shot – photo credit, She Is Aphrodite)

Tonight Alive is a shared dream, but HEVENSHE is solely mine. I’m fortunate enough to say my dreams have come true, but it only makes me want to keep dreaming.” 
Jenna McDougall / HEVENSHE

Touring veteran, teen idol, magazine cover star and representative of women in rock, Jenna McDougall (aka HEVENSHE) has already been all of these things and more. Most people will know her as the beloved front-woman of Tonight Alive (4 albums, countless world tours, festivals across the globe, major studio film soundtracks and over 250 million streams and counting), but after 3 years’ incubation, she is ready to sing a new, exciting and different tune.

HEVENSHE’s second single ‘Trying Not To Feel’ is the kind of song you want to shout about, destined to be played in front of huge audiences singing every word back. It is filled with warmth, humour, genuine emotion and mile high melodies colliding together to create a song that feels like a classic in the making already.

Listen/watch here or below:

A follow up to the debut track ‘No One Will Ever Love You’ released last month, this single is McDougall’s attempted reclamation of autonomy and faith in a brighter future despite being in lockdown. It is the optimistic, bright and shining Springsteen-esque anthem the world needed in the height of isolation but can thankfully now enjoy at a safe distance from those days. ‘Trying Not To Feel’ was written in HEVENSHE’s backyard, the artist’s saving grace, where the occasional neighbour was her only audience; “While I was workshopping the song I’d occasionally hear a one person applause from over the fence, which would make me scurry out of sight laughing, as I was often taking advantage of the sun, “nude in the garden” to quote the second verse.”

HEVENSHE has already debuted 8 unreleased songs at her first live performance last month in hometown Sydney Australia. The intimate gathering of curious and dedicated supporters saw the artist’s first return to stage after more than 2 years. She says of touring “I took for granted how much of my life was spent on stage and travelling. It’s a huge part of me and how I experience the world. I want to make up for lost time.” With the promise of frequent releases and the ambition to pick up where she left off, we’re looking forward to seeing a lot more of HEVENSHE.

‘Trying Not To Feel’, the 2nd single from HEVENSHE is out everywhere now, look out for further releases and live plans soon.

HEVENSHE ‘Trying Not To Feel – (Official Music Video)
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