Tomorrow Is Lost // Therapy // Album Review
Tomorrow Is Lost // Therapy // Album Review10
Tomorrow Is Lost // Therapy // Album Review10
Tomorrow Is Lost // Therapy // Album Review10
Tomorrow Is Lost // Therapy // Album Review10
Tomorrow Is Lost // Therapy // Album Review10
Tomorrow Is Lost // Therapy // Album Review10
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Raid mummy’s purse for those crinkly bits because you’re gonna need em for this belter of and LP from Northern Metallers Tomorrow is Lost….simples.

Hailing from in and around Newcastle-Upon-Tyne these young upstarts have taken 3 years of live experience (under the guidance of Alpha Band Management) and bottled it. Once in the studio, boy has that energy and enthusiasm exploded all over this collection of 11 tracks.

By working hard to establish themselves on the scene they caught the attention of U.S. label Eclipse Records who signed the band in the Summer of 2019, they immediately got to work writing and recording their next full-length record with UK based Producer/Engineer/Mixer, Dave Boothroyd (Phil Campbell, Boy Jumps Ship, The Bastard Sons, Greywind, CJ Wildheart, Don Broco) at 6db Studios in York, United Kingdom. The album is mastered by Jon Astley (Judas Priest, The Who, The Rolling Stones) 

The opening rumble makes way for our first venture into the sound of Tomorrow Is LostWildchild, and so our journey begins. 

The twin-guitar attack of Joe Mac and Ryan O’Hara is so sharp you have to be careful not to cut your fingers.. These boys can play and know how to write complementary hooks perfectly. But on this track its the pounding rhythm that is broken by “that voice” Cass King. This pint-size lady has one hell of a voice .. and it’s not just the powerhouse vocals that grab you, there is a tonality there which to be honest (having seen then live a few times) I had just not noticed.

As the LP progresses we get a variety of styles from the oh so slightly ( in the vocal)  poppy to blues, through to Symphonic, a dash of Pop Punk, with Hard Rock thrown in for good measure … Basically there is something for everyone here, which is what makes the LP so enjoyable. We mustn’t forget that all this is held together by the solid rhythm section of Josh Fodden (bass) and Marc Rush (drums)

This by far the best new LP I have had the pleasure of listening to this year. My understanding is that a lot of the LP was recorded live in the studio, something that is quite rare in these days of technology and somehow this is what makes it stand out, you can hear a band starting its career in the right way and lets hope there are many more who find a way to do this. 

The LP will be available through your usual outlets from March 13th. Go out and buy it .. I promise, you will not regret it.



1. Intro

2. Wildchild

3. Smile

4. White Noise

5. Self Destruct

6. Black And Blue

7. Hideaway

8. Too Young To Know

9. Electric

10. Pause Rewind

11. Therapy


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