ROVIDENCE, RI | DECEMBER 21ST, 2018 – Providence-based alternative pop/hip hop project Toad and The Stooligans have released a new single, titled “Trap Song,” out on all digital platforms NOW. Along with the music video, the group continues to explore a multitude of influences in “Trap Song,” including elements of rock, funk, and jazz. What’s perhaps most intriguing about both the band and “Trap Song” is the seamlessness of their sound; although inspired by a wide range of genres, the Stooligans still sound polished. Their unique mesh of styles is ultimately what defines their brand, and “Trap Song” is the perfect representation of their collective persona. About the single, the band states:
For “Trap Song” we just wanted to take the vibe that hip hop artists put into trap beats and drop it into a live band environment. We wanted it to be rhythmically intricate, hard hitting and powerful. Recording this song wasn’t immediately in the plans; we had just planned on rolling it out as a live song. But the response was so overwhelming from our hometown crowd that we had to get in the studio and lay it down. The video concept was thought up by our vocalist Mike Jencks. He took his love for monster movies and spun it into something original. He handmade all the buildings for the set himself and put countless hours into this project.
Hailing from Providence, RI and growing up in the nearby suburbs, Toad and the Stooligans is far from the typical hip hop group. The band features the lyrical stylings of Mike Jencks (vocals) and Dan Pomfret (vocals / guitar) dressing up the groovy rhythm section of Alex Caimano (bass), Matt O’Brien (drums) and Daniel Hill (keyboards). Formed in early 2015, the high school friends joined together with the common goal of playing a different brand of hip hop. Heavily influenced by funk, jazz and a plethora of other genres, the Stooligans mesh multiple sounds together to create a canvas for their dual-vocal delivery. Since their formation, the Stooligans have played extensively in the Providence area, including winning the Rhode Island College 90.7 WXIN Battle of the Bands in 2017. They have gone on to headlining at venues throughout Providence and venturing to other areas in the Northeast. Their debut album, “Very Handsome”, was recorded in early 2017 with John DelloIacono at Bridge East Studios in East Bridgewater, MA and self-released on September 15, 2017. The release was accompanied by videos for singles “All Things Considered” and “Part Time Lovers”. The band has prided itself on a very strong DIY work ethic since day one, relying heavily on imagination and creativity to push their brand, which is often displayed in their videos. “Trap Song” is available on all digital platforms NOW.
WATCH: “Trap Song” music video (YouTube)
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