Brit alternative rock foursome TIRADE continue their upward trajectory with the release of their breathtaking new EP, Nothing Dramatic, out on Friday 30th August. The EP features the single, To Be Honest .   We asked the guys for the top five tracks that have shaped their sound:



“’If The World Was To End’ – Lower Than Atlantis


While we write less ‘punky’ music that we used to, we’re never against delving back into the fast rock songs that initially inspired us. This song is a great example of how Lower Than Atlantis can write fast ‘punky’ music, while somehow not falling into the stereotypical pop-punk genre like most will do. They manage to write honest punk-rock music while elevating the technicality and catchiness at the same time. This song, like most of their music, is an incredibly satisfying listen and is always be in the back of our minds when we write at faster tempos.


‘That’s What You Get’ – Paramore


This song really helps with the writing of our guitar parts, the chord extensions that we use aren’t just general power chords and we like to use extensions and variations of the chords that give the songs a bit more depth – in this track you’ll hear similar interesting extensions and inversions of chords that really help the instrumental pop. In the second half of the chorus of this track they also follow the vocal hook with a mirrored lead guitar, this really helped influence how we wrote some of the parts for our single ‘No Time’.


‘Diffusion of Responsibility’ – Press to MECO


Press to MECO, as a band, are really pushing the idea of technically interesting instrumentals with pop vocal stylings. The riffs in this song among others inspire a lot of the riffs we will write. We love the octave spanning intro riff and the beat displacement they use in the break down. Whenever we delve into more heavy writing, these guys tend to be on our mind. They manage to keep a level of technicality and math-rock that attracts fans who lean towards metal, but they don’t stray too far that it alienates a more casual listener.


‘Thks fr th mmrs’ – Fall Out Boy


Vocally Patrick Stump blocks his harmonies incredibly tightly and this is something that influences the way Jake blocks his harmonies. In this song in particular, the melody is very evocative and somehow comes across perfectly with three/four part harmonies adorning it all the way through the chorus. We love how they use many harmonies to decorate the melody while somehow keeping the dynamics of the song clear and crisp; the melodies and harmonies that Fall Out Boy write are incredible for the genre they’re in and this song is a perfect example of that.


‘T-Shirt Song’ – Don Broco


T-Shirt song is of course, an absolute banger and we really take influence from this track in our more recent songwriting sessions. We are massive fans of the way Don Broco are able to create a fusion of different genres and sub-genres while still creating such coherent and fluid music. In this track in particular, it is the combination of big metal influenced riffs and softer melodic ‘poppy’ sections that really drive us in the way we work; the wall of sound they create in the chorus is something that has really pushed our song writing style in more recent months.”

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