Following on from the energetic, adrenalized and politically charged previously released “Let Me Breathe”, dynamic pop-punk quartet Till I Fall now presents a second single – the title track off the group’s full-length debut album – “All I Have” (out now on all major platforms and outlets). Proving the formation’s undeniable ability to fully explore and utilize the wide spectrum of the genre specifics that the pop-punk style is often associated with, this single offers a proof for Till I Fall’s ability to showcase sincere and honest emotions, thoughts and well-crafted music compositions through a variety of different music elements, not showing tendency to constantly exploiting the same methods for expression over and over. As the selection of this particular song to share a name with the now released debut full-length album of the group, “All I Have” is a very clear and accurate summary of the said record as a whole as well, with its atmospheric and emotional essence, outlined by the intuitively structured composition, which provides a homogeneous product that masterfully combines melody and raw aggression, as the accompanying video only further accentuates the desire for fulfillment, appreciation, happiness, love and courage, all of the aforementioned being reoccurring themes and main influences behind Till I Fall’s latest music venture.

Providing further details about the meaning behind the title track of “All I Have”Till I Fall collectively adds: “We feel like this song in particular is a perfect representation of the album, because of its honesty. Loneliness, depression and the people who have been in our life, have always been major contributors to our writing and with this song it all came out very naturally – the lyrics, the formatting, the melody. To us, this song is for everybody that feels the weight of time, desperation and the reality of disconnect. Moving forward from a difficult time or headspace can often be the biggest fight we face and this song is intended as a reminder that although we all are different people and face different hardships, we all have the chance to give ourselves something new.”


1. “Let Me Breathe”
2. “Keep Trying”
3. “Interlude: Dwelling”
4. “Animal”
5. “Poolside”
6. “Doin’ Fine”
7. “Interlude: Honesty”
8. “All I Have”
9. “Fight”
10. “Interlude: Visions”
11. “Inside Out”
12. “Dream On”
13. “Interlude: Reflection”
14. “Clockwork”
15. “Downshift”

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